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Once again rethinking my type

2020.09.16 16:17 wisebear4 Once again rethinking my type

I’ve been trying to type myself for almost a year. Any help would be appreciated.
• How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
I am 19 years old and male. I have no idea what a “general description” entails.
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
I have not been diagnosed with anything, but I also haven’t been tested for anything.
• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
I grew up in the bible belt, in a fairly religious home. I didn’t really question the truth of it until around 4th or 5th grade. I studied arguments for christianity and for several years what would happen is I would find a convincing argument, then a few months later I would come across something with implications that are inconsistent with my beliefs, then I would re-examine. Sometimes I even ignored information that contradicted my beliefs; my thinking was “these arguments demonstrate the validity of my beliefs, so my beliefs can’t be wrong, so the new information has to be flawed in some way”. Eventually, when I was in high school, I recognized that I had confirmation bias and decided to really go in depth. After a month or two I was agnostic (leaning atheist).
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
I am currently a student. My dream job would probably be some kind of scientist/researcheprofessor, but I hear it’s impossible to get those jobs these days so I’ll probably go into CS.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
Only a weekend? Try a month, then I might start feeling lonely. I do, however, occasionally feel lonely in day to day life. I am probably the most introverted person I know.
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
I tend to prefer indoor activities but I don’t mind some outdoor activities. I played basketball and baseball for years. I like playing video games, watching TV, reading, and I also like very theoretical conversations even though I find them VERY hard to come by.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
I’d say I’m fairly curious. I don’t remember this, but apparently when I was a kid I stuck my finger in a flame to see what would happen. I have way more ideas than I could ever possibly execute. I am somewhat curious about almost every discipline, but mostly philosophy and scientific areas. I honestly don’t know how to describe my ideas; I don’t know how many ideas are conceptual as opposed to environmental. I do tend to imagine many different scenarios, whether that be environmental or conceptual. If I had to pick, probably more conceptual than environmental.
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
If I were a leader, I would make sure everyone’s voice was heard. Whether or not I’d be good at it depends on the metric being used. I’d probably be able to lead the group into achieving whatever the goal is. I wouldn’t like it because I would rather just do everything by myself. I abhor group work.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
I’m kinda coordinated. Probably once every year I will spill my drink everywhere. I don’t enjoy working with my hands (unless that’s doing math or something similar). My natural state is to not exercise except for an occasional walk, but I will play sports with friends every once in a while.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
I’m not a very artistic person, but when I was a kid I liked drawing maps of fictional worlds. Over the past few years I have really enjoyed music. I listen to music for hours a day. It’s my go to thing when I’m emotional. I enjoy instrumental, rock, and some foreign folk music (like irish for example).
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
I will lie awake at night thinking through some of my cringe memories. The present is usually boring. I like thinking about the future, but I tend to be very pessimistic and sometimes nihilistic. I tend to just expect the worst.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
If someone specifically asks for my help, unless I’m preoccupied with something, I will almost always help. I don’t fully understand why (I think all humans are selfish) but if there’s no harm on me and it benefit someone else, why not?
• Do you need logical consistency in your life?
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
It is important but not the most important thing. If everyone was lazy and not productive society would probably collapse.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
I’m not usually a controlling person unless I’m really mad. One time when I was a kid, I convinced one kid to beat up another kid that I was mad at. I’m not proud of that at all but I can be controlling when I’m angry.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
I like reading because I can learn about the world. I like video games because it’s fun to be immersed in a fictional world. I like TV because it’s funny and it has Doctor Who. Nuff said.
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
Although I would strongly prefer not to memorize, I will do it if necessary. I much prefer more logically oriented classes. My learning style is typically to understand the core concepts to the point where I can figure out everything else based on those principles.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
I am able to come up with a rough plan and follow through with it (mostly). I tend to just keep the due date in mind and estimate how much effort it will take.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally?
I just want a happy life with lots of free time to explore my interests.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
I’m afraid of snakes and dying. Reflecting about various social situations and how awkward I was makes me very uncomfortable. I dislike when people are closed minded (even though I can be that way sometimes) because they ignore possibilities that might be true. However, I was this way for a few years (but I didn’t really show that part of me to other people).
• What do the "highs" in your life look like?
Getting the highest score on a test without studying, finally understanding how an idea works, deep conceptual conversations.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like?
Loneliness, inability to connect with others because my interests are so different, getting rejected every time I have asked a girl out.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?
I daydream 24/7. My mom says I lived in my own world as a kid and some friends say that in class I sometimes look like I’m not there. I am only very vaguely aware of my surroundings when I daydream.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
First I will think about why I’m in there in the first place. Then I will start thinking about theories or different scenarios.
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
I can take quite a while to make an important decision. For example, I’m a freshman in college and I’m still not sure what I want to major in. I could very well change my mind once I’ve made a decision.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
I’m not really aware of the duration of my feelings, but boy are they strong. I am more emotional than I appear to be on the surface. I’d say while I try to stay in touch with feelings, I never really make decisions based on emotions.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
I usually just keep quiet. Sometimes (rare) I will say that I agree even though I don’t. I don’t know why I do this tbh.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why?
When I was a kid, I always followed the rules. I legitimately didn’t understand why people deliberately broke the rules. My parents think that’s because they raised me that way. I am very different now. I think all authority should be questioned. I don’t care if a homeless person makes a better argument than the professor, I will side with the homeless person. I tend to not break rules because I don’t want to risk being caught.
Thanks for any help. And be prepare because I may play the devil’s advocate.
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2020.09.16 05:20 StevenStevens43 Evidence of pre-roman invasion of Loegria

Evidence of pre-roman invasion of Loegria
As has already been established in previous articles, Loegria pertains to the Southern land of britain, below the river Humber, and the natural border between Southern Britain, and Northern britain, divided by rivers and streams which connect the Irish sea, to the North sea.
This was the natural border of Britain, before invasions.
And if you go to google maps, you will find out yourself that it is "true" that there is indeed a slight divide between the two municipalities, in the form of rivers, and even narrow streams.
Albanactus, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, was the founding king of Albania or Albany. He is in effect Geoffrey's eponym for Scotland.[1] His territory was that north of the River Humber.[2]
Now we know there has been many invasions of Britain.
1st, the Roman invasion, which resulted in Hadrians wall and Antonine wall.
2nd, Anglos-saxon invasion.
3rd, Viking invasion.
4th, Norman invasion.
However, i don't think the Roman invasion was actually the first invasion.
I think there is evidence, even in legends, of a noticable and serious invasion of Southern lands in Britain.
I will now proceed to attempt to highlight why, i think this is at least, a possibility.
Now, quite simply, to see for yourself, just how inconsistant the biography of Bladud is, with the life and times of all the other legendary kings of Britain, and the fascinating fair comparison to known contemporary history, simply read some of the other articles on my page, and then read this one.
Now, i am going to add my own description in my own words.
"Bladud is a legendary king of the Britons that does not know what century it is".
Bladud or Blaiddyd[a] is a legendary king of the Britons), although there is no historical evidence for his existence. He is first mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae (c. 1136), which describes him as the son of King Rud Hud Hudibras, and the tenth ruler in line from the first king, Brutus, saying Bladud was contemporaneous with the biblical prophet Elijah (9th century BC).
Link for photo
School of liberal arts in Athens:
Now, this might not look too unbelievable at first.
My previous articles do point to "huge" Aryan influence in the Greek world.
However, it is just that, it is totally out of the blue in comparison to all the other legendary kings of Britain and Ireland.
He is "the first" to ever be sent over to Athens for schooling.
But ok, maybe that is believable.
After-all, the world is evolving.
Bladud was sent by his father to be educated in the liberal arts in Athens. After his father's death,
Link for photo.jpg)
Stamford university:
Apparently, after his fathers death he returned from schooling in Athens, and founded Stamford university in Lincolnshire.
Sorry, but there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Stamford university was founded in Lincolnshire.
This must be the most outlandish claim ever made, in either contemporary history, mythology, or legends.
And, it might be a little bit more believable, if it were consistant with all the other legends, and their accuracy.
Even the most outlandish legend, at first glance, can have somekind of Euhemeric value, if you are able to find the missing pieces.
And i do see euhemeric value in this story, actually, i see it as a sign Loegria was invaded.
After his father's death, he returned with four philosophers, and founded a university at Stamford in Lincolnshire
Link for photo
Stamford university
Now, "i will" defend the blooded Bladud here.
A university meaning of a community of teachers and scholars is only the modern definition.
The word university is derived from the Latin universitas magistrorum et scholarium, which roughly means "community of teachers and scholars".[1]
Link for photo
A group:
However the ancient terminology of university, could be defined as not much more than the formation of anykind of group, containing a few individuals.
Not necessarily even exclusively an educational group.
The original Latin word universitas refers in general to "a number of persons associated into one body, a society, company, community, guild, corporation, etc".[3]
St Augustine:
Now, apparently this university flourished until it was suppressed by Saint Augustine of Canterbury.
he returned with four philosophers, and founded a university at Stamford in Lincolnshire, which flourished until it was suppressed by Saint Augustine of Canterbury on account of heresies which were taught there.
Link for photo
Saint Augustines expansion
Died 604 AD:
What kind of gibberish is this? Saint Augustine of Canterbury is from 600's AD!
Is this pseudo history of Britain from foreign invaders speaking pigeon Gaelic? Even if this "is" pseudo-history, it is "very very poor", Pseudo-history?
Augustine of Canterbury
Augustine of Canterbury (born first third of the 6th century – died probably 26 May 604) was a Benedictine monk who became the first Archbishop of Canterbury in the year 597. He is considered the "Apostle to the English" and a founder of the English Church.[3]
Link for photo
Augustines grave
Now, i am looking for elements of truth to take from this riddle.
I am beginning to suspect that persons pushing the Papyrus on British shores, may have pre-dated Julius Caesar.
Papyrus was first manufactured in Egypt as far back as the fourth millennium BCE.[3][4][5] The earliest archaeological evidence of papyrus was excavated in 2012 and 2013 at Wadi al-Jarf, an ancient Egyptian harbor located on the Red Sea coast. These documents, the Diary of Merer, date from c. 2560–2550 BCE (end of the reign of Khufu).[4] The papyrus rolls describe the last years of building the Great Pyramid of Giza.[6] In the first centuries BCE and CE, papyrus scrolls) gained a rival as a writing surface in the form of parchment, which was prepared from animal skins.[7] Sheets of parchment were folded to form quires from which book-form codices were fashioned. Early Christian writers soon adopted the codex form, and in the Græco-Roman world, it became common to cut sheets from papyrus rolls to form codices.
Link for photo
Papyrus scholar
863 BC or 500 BC:
Now, it just gets worse.
This is simply an incoherent ramble.
863 BC, or, 500 BC?
Supposedly he ruled for twenty years from 863 BC or perhaps 500 BC
Hot springs out of magic:
No, sorry, until now the legends have been extremely intelligent, and reliable, and the sudden belief in "magic", combined with the psuedo intellectual claims mixed with the inability to even get the date correct within a 363 year gap, is inconsistant, and out of place, with the nature of the other legends.
in which time he built Kaerbadum or Caervaddon (Bath), creating the hot springs) there by the use of magic.
Link for photo
Bath coat of Arms
Now, there is "an interesting" claim here.
A little more consistant with legends up until now.
Apparently Bladud founded Caervaddon (Bath).
in which time he built Kaerbadum or Caervaddon (Bath), creating the hot springs) there by the use of magic.
Link for photo
Map of Bath
Very believable:
Now, the fact he founded a settlement here is "extremely" believable.
There has been activity in the location since the Mesolithic period, all the way through the Bronze age, in to the Iron age, and the Beaker culture even pre-dates the period of Bladud.
Iron age and Roman
The hills in the locality such as Bathampton Down saw human activity from the Mesolithic period.[3][4] Several Bronze Age round barrows were opened by John Skinner) in the 18th century.[5] Solsbury Hill overlooking the current city was an Iron Age hill fort and the adjacent Bathampton Camp may also have been one.[6][7] A long barrow site believed to be from the Beaker people was flattened to make way for RAF Charmy Down.[8][9]
Archaeological evidence shows that the site of the Roman baths') main spring may have been treated as a shrine by the Britons,[10][11] and was dedicated to the goddess Sulis, whom the Romans identified with Minerva;
Link for photo
He what????:
He dedicated the city to the Goddess Athena or Minerva!
What language is he speaking? Minerva is a Greco-Roman God.
No other king in Ireland nor Britain, during this period, is pretending to be a scholarly papyrus, whilst enchanting incoherent rambles, in goodness knows what language.
And what is with all this sudden poetic nonsense? "whose flames turned to balls of stone as they grew low, with new ones springing up in their stead:".
He dedicated the city to the goddess Athena or Minerva, and in honour of her, lit undying fires, whose flames turned to balls of stone as they grew low, with new ones springing up in their stead: an embellishment of an account from the fourth-century writer Solinus of the use of local coal on the altars of her temple.[5]
He flew off the temple of Apollo in London: What????:
Necromancy? divination? temple of Apollo in London?
Since when?
Pushed off a caer castle maybe!!
Divination, wings and death
The tale claims that he also encouraged the practice of necromancy, or divination through the spirits of the dead. Through this practice, he is said to have constructed wings for himself and to have tried to fly to (or from) the temple of Apollo in Trinovantum (London) or Troja Nova (New Troy), but to have been killed when he hit a wall, or to have fallen and been dashed to pieces or broken his neck. He was supposedly buried at New Troy and succeeded by his son, Leir.
Link for photo
The temple of.... \"Apollo\"
Latin league overthrow:
Now, i cannot go in to too much detail unfortunately, as i have already covered this in previous articles, and i am now running out of space.
But basically, the Latin league have just been overthrown by Messenian Romans.
Roman leadership of the league
During the reign of Tarquinius Superbus, the Latins were persuaded to acknowledge the leadership of Rome. The treaty with Rome was renewed, and it was agreed that the troops of the Latins would attend on an appointed day to form a united military force with the troops of Rome. That was done, and Tarquin formed combined units of Roman and Latin troops.[4]
Messian Romans have also invaded France, from the Medes.
Greek colonies
In 600 BC, Ionian Greeks from Phocaea founded the colony of Massalia (present-day Marseille) on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, making it the oldest city of France.[4][5] At the same time, some Celtic tribes penetrated the eastern parts (Germania superior) of the current territory of France, but this occupation spread in the rest of France only between the 5th and 3rd century BC.[6]
During the exact same period, Celts are being pushed out of Iberia/Spain by Greco-Romans.
History of Iberian peninsula
The Greeks are responsible for the name Iberia, apparently after the river Iber (Ebro). In the 6th century BC, the Carthaginians arrived in Iberia, struggling first with the Greeks, and shortly after, with the newly arriving Romans for control of the Western Mediterranean. Their most important colony was Carthago Nova (Latin name of modern-day Cartagena).[7]
Now, i am not saying that the Romans actually conquered Britain as early as 600 BC.
But the war has definitely began, and the effects of this are quite evident even in Loegrian legends were their kings are suddenly speaking Greco-Roman, worshipping Roman gods, getting schooled in enemy territory, flying off temples, worshipping foreign gods, getting made a fool of, and they "suddenly" do not even know their own coherent pseudo history, and the image of Indigenous Loegrians flying off Temples appears quite comical to them,, whilst all the other Celtic legends still attribute their kings to be fighting over territory, building castles, and settlements beginning with Caer, et cetera.
Now, here is where it gets "worse".
Do you remember other articles when i cover the period when the Saxons were kicked out of Southern scandinavia in to German territory, and Greenshield had to go over and help fight them?
Well, during the sack of Rome in in 387 BC, when Brennius, the King of Albany, allied with Gauls and Scandinavians, pushed the Romans out of Gaul, found themselves up against a "surprise foe".
The saxons have only went and allied themselves with the Romans!
And they attacked Brenniuses army!
Conqueror of Rome
Following their unification, Belinus and Brennius merged their armies into one great one and invaded Gaul. After a year of warfare, the joint army managed to subject all the Frankish kingdoms in Gaul to their authority. Now with an even greater army, Belinus lead his great army to Italy and threatened to invade Rome. Outside Rome, the two consuls, Gabias and Porsenna, sued for peace and offered wealth, tribute, and hostages as a sign of their submission. Belinus and Brennius accepted and took their great army to Germany. Soon after this movement north, Rome broke the treaty and marched north, and Brennius went to fight the Romans while Belinus remained at war with the Germans (who were being helped by various other Italian troops).
Temple of concord:
And it would have been the temple of concord, according to more reliable legendary accounts.
But even the Temple of Concord is Roman.
He reigned in peace and prosperity for forty years then died and was buried in the Temple of Concord, a tribute to his laws, which resided in Trinovantum. His death sparked another civil war between his two sons, Belinus and Brennius.
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2020.09.10 21:00 theirishjewelry Charming Irish Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

Charming Irish Wedding Traditions and Superstitions
Irish wedding traditions date far back in history and many have survived in one form or another today. These Irish wedding traditions were rooted in nature came from folklore and superstitions for generations. passed on generations. Today Irish couples around the world seek to incorporate these ancient Irish wedding traditions in their modern-day wedding as a way pay tribute or to reconnect with their Irish heritage.
Have you ever heard the phrase "HIS GOOSE IS COOKED"?
The expression 'his goose is cooked' is still in use in Ireland and especially in Dublin. The phrase originated from the tradition of cooking a goose for the groom in the Bride's house the night before the wedding. Once the goose was cooked there was simply no going back!
TYING THE KNOT... the Celtic Knot
Perhaps the best-known Irish Wedding Tradition that most people don't know about is tying the knot. Did you know the phrase "Tying the Knot" originated with the ancient Celtic ceremony of hand fasting? This old Celtic tradition symbolizes the joining of two as one like the exchanging of rings today. The couple clasps their hands together and a brightly colored cord in the bridal party colors is wrapped around their hands as a symbol of their unity in marriage.
IRISH LACE, an Irish Wedding Tradition
Irish Lace is commonly used as an Irish Wedding Tradition. Irish lace began in the 1800's many families in Ireland lived in small thatched cottages on land called crofts producing crops for the Lord of the Manor. Crofters were "dirt poor" with little money for necessities. Then the potato blight hit between 1845 and 1851 destroying the crops and causing thousands of families to starve. The Ursuline nuns were familiar with Venetian lace, brought over from France. The nuns used their skills in crocheting lace to help save the people from the famine. They began schooling women to produce the fine crochet that has come to be known as "Irish lace." The more affluent Irish families that could meet the expense to buy the lace earned the name of "lace curtain Irish." Families had their own designs and motifs and closely guarded their patterns which were passed from mother to daughter. The particulars were kept so secret that many of them vanished as the families either died or fled the poverty for other lands.
FLOWERS and Shamrocks of course
For good luck to the marriage, a sprig of shamrocks is tucked into the bouquet. The lucky Shamrock is also the symbol of Ireland. It is also customary to decorate the house that the wedding celebration was held in with locally grown flowers and plants. These would vary according to the time of the year that the wedding was held. Some plants have become associated with Ireland, not least the now readily available 'Bells of Ireland', used in modern times for its symbolism. A Celtic tradition in Wales involves the plant Myrtle which is presented by the Bride to the Bridesmaids who then plant it in their gardens. If the plant grew, then the Bridesmaid would be married before the year is out!
It is now usual for the 'magic hanky' to be made from Linen although it is likely the original versions were made from cheaper materials. It was usual for the Bride to carry the hanky on her wedding day and for it to be retained and later converted to a Christening hat/bonnet for her first child. The hanky would be passed on from generation to generation to be re-used in a similar manner. THE
Irish jewelry is known to be steeped in irish tradition. It is quite common for a traditional Claddagh Ring to be used at an Irish wedding, as a wedding band. The ring is faced outwards prior to the wedding and reversed to face inwards on the hand after the wedding, indicating that the bearer is taken forever! The Claddagh Ring is one of the most well-known romantic symbols of Ireland.
The tradition of a horseshoe is well known throughout the world and so it is in Ireland. By placing the horseshoe upright over a door or in a room the 'luck of the house' was kept intact. The Greeks associated the horseshoe with the crescent moon and its symbolism of fertility. The tradition was popular throughout Ireland and England too with the readily available horseshoe being carried by the Bride as she walked down the aisle. It was then affixed securely by the Groom in the matrimonial home. Today, glass and ceramic horseshoes are symbolically used at Irish wedding ceremonies.
WEDDING BELLS and the Make Up Bell
The use of Church bells in Christian religions is symbolic of driving away the evil spirits from the marriage to be. In Penal times in Ireland this was not possible, so the gift of a small bell acted as a substitute. Modern Irish weddings often have stationery, invitations, bunting, and decorations adorned with bells, hearts, shamrocks, and horseshoes. A small glass or ceramic bell can be used in the Church service and kept as a memento. It is a tradition in Ireland to present a couple with a "make-up" bell for their wedding or anniversary, even engagement. The chime of bells is thought to keep evil spirits away and to restore harmony if a couple is fighting. The sound of the bell, much like a church bell is to remind a couple of their wedding vows. This bell is also rung when one partner is ready to "make up" and end any little quarrel. Each partner should take turns ringing the bell, lest a quarrel begin again.
It is considered better luck to get married during a time of plenty. A bountiful harvest year, is a good omen for any newly married couple. It is better that a man be the first person to wish joy and happiness to the new Bride, and never a woman.
A wedding party should always avoid crossing paths with a Funeral procession. Seems like an obvious one.
Upon the bride and groom leaving the Church paper confetti to tossed at the betrothed, but in ancient times an old shoe was tossed over the head of the Bride for luck - not so lucky if it hits the Bride though!
Placing a statue of 'the Child of Prague', a small statue of the Holy Infant Jesus, in the garden of the Bride prior to the wedding is supposed to ensure that her big day is blessed by nice weather.
The Irish Jewelry Company
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2020.09.08 23:18 clemaneuverers The book, "The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion", first published circa 120 years ago, is said to be a "fabricated antisemitic text", a "hoax", a "forgery". Recent research I have done leads me to believe that this is not the case and it is actually a genuine document. Long post!

Russian edition 1912
American english edition, 1, 2
It was declared a forgery which means there was an original document somewhere.
–Eustace Mullins
First, a link to the wikipedia page for the protocols so those interested can see how much of what you're about to read is omitted from there:
The book in which they [the Protocols] are embodied was first published in the year 1897 by Philip Stepanov for private circulation among his intimate friends. The first time Professor Sergius A. Nilus published them was in 1901 in a book called The Great Within the Small and reprinted in 1905. A copy of this is in the British Museum bearing the date of its reception, August 10, 1906.
All copies that were known to exist in Russia were destroyed in the Kerensky regime, and under his successors the possession of a copy by anyone in Soviet land was a crime sufficient to ensure the owner's of being shot on sight. (source):
The best evidence of the genuineness of the Protocols is that in March, 1917 the Bolshevik Revolution took place in Russia and one of the first things done upon the Jewish Bolsheviks taking power was to destroy all copies of Professor Sergius A. Nilus’ book, The Great Within the Small, by. That book, which was first published in Tsarskoe-Tselc (Russia) in 1901, contained The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. All copies of the Protocols that were known to exist in Russia were destroyed during the Kerensky regime. The law followed by Kerensky’s communist successors to power was that the possession of a copy of the Protocols by anyone in the Soviet Union was a crime punishable by being shot on sight
...Professor Nilus was arrested by the Cheka (Russian Secret Police) in Kiev. He was imprisoned and tortured. The Jewish president of the court, told Professor Nilus that the brutal treatment he received was as retribution for "having done them incalculable harm in publishing the Protocols."
[2011] Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great by Edward Hendrie
The attack on the Protocols in the 1920’s proved above all else the truth of their contention; it showed that the standing organization for suppressing public discussion of the conspiracy had been perfected in the intervening 120 years . Probably so much money and energy were never before in history expended on the effort to suppress a single document.
[1956] The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reeds
In 1865 the Jewish Rabbi RZEICHORN, made a speech in Prague. The speech was published 11 years later by Sir John Radcliff, who was assassinated shortly after its publication and it became almost extinct for years. Here are a few passages;
"With Gold one can buy the most upright consiences, with Gold one can fix the value of every stock, the price of every merchandise, one can loan it to states that afterwards one holds at ones mercy.
"Already the principle banks, the stock exchanges throughout the world, the loans to all governments are in our hands. "The other great power is the press. By ceaselessly repeating certain ideas, the press in the end makes them considered as truths. The Theatre renders similair services, every where theatre and press follow our directives. By an indefatigable campaign in favour of the democratic form of government, we will divide the Gentiles amongst themselves in political parties, we shall thus destroy the unity of their nations, we will sow the seeds of discord. Powerless they will have to accept the laws of our bank, always united, always devoted to our cause.
"The possession of land has always procured influence and power. In the name of social justice and equality, we will divide the great properties; we will give small fragments to the peasents who desire it with all their heart, But who will soon be indebted to us by the very exploitation of these properties. Our capital will enable us to be the real masters.
"Let us use all force to replace the circulation of gold by that of paper; our banks will absorb the gold, and we shall decide what then what value the paper money will have, this will make us masters of every mans existence. "We will promise to the workers salaries they have never dared to dream of, but we will also heighten the price of all necessities, so much so that our profits will be even greater.
"By our jokes and attacks we will render their priests ridiculous and eventually odius, their religion as ridiculous, as odius as their priests. We shall become the masters of their souls. But above all, let us get control of education, of the schools. By them we will spread the ideas that are useful to us, and we will mold the childrens brains as we wish".
David Icke writes, in his book "The Trigger" (2019), of the above quotes from Rabbi Rzeichhorn:
Make of that what you will because I can't prove authenticity, but
(a) you have the right to be aware of this information and
(b) there can be no doubt as we observe the world that the plans laid out in the Protocols, by the Sabbatian-Frankist Illuminati and attributed to Rabbi Reichhorn have happened or are happening.
This is so patently obvious that agents of Sabbatian-Frankism, some knowingly, some dupes, have employed the usual fall-back, fit-every-situation technique of condemning as 'antiSemitic' anyone who points this out and asks any questions about the plan described in the Protocols. I am not saying this is all a 'Jewish plot' - I am saying it's a plot by the Sabbatian-Frankist Death Cult that hates and despises Jews and Judaism as it hates and despises everyone else, and that this cult is part of the wider global satanic cult that infests every culture, race and country. On Sabbatian-Frankism I am at one with rabbis such as Marvin S. Antelman and many others.
The Protocols, whatever their origin, have been dismissed as a forgery since the articles by Irish writer Philip Graves in the London Times in 1921 which were also carried by The New York Times. Graves claimed the Protocols resembled a satire on Napoleon III by French lawyer Maurice Joly called Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu ('Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu') published in 1864. This is where the story usually ends. The Protocols were proved to be a forgery in The Times in 1921 - move along now, nothing to see here.
There is, however, other background to consider. Phillip Graves was a captain in British Army Intelligence who worked with 'Lawrence of Arabia', another British agent, who manipulated Palestinian Arabs to drive out the Ottoman Empire and open the way for the new Israel to hijack their land. Graves' uncle was Sir Robert Windham Graves, a British Consul in Turkey and financial advisor to the Turkish government who worked for Civil Intelligence in Cairo, Egypt.
The writer of the articles in The Times was connected to British Army Intelligence and there's more. Peter Grose, a writer with the Council on Foreign Relations, revealed in his 1994 book, Gentleman Spy: The Life of Allen Dulles, that Philip Graves' 'source' for the articles was a 'Russian emigre' provided to him by ... Allen Dulles. What a coincidence. Dulles, a Council on Foreign Relations stalwart, later CIA chief and instigator of the satanic MKUltra mind control horror, 'discovered' his man while stationed at the US Embassy in post-Ottoman Turkey.
The end of the Ottoman Muslim empire (brought about by World War I) was crucial to the establishment of Israel because it included Palestine. Peter Grose said The Times extended a 'loan' to the 'emigre' on the understanding that it did not have to be paid back. An Internet commentator said of the Allen Dulles 'scoop':
This was quite an accomplishment for a young American embassy employee, to both prove the major anti-Jewish plan for world domination was a forgery as well as unilaterally keeping Lenin out of the United States so he could be transported to Russia to begin the communist revolution. Strange coincidences like this seemed to follow both Dulles brothers during their long careers in 'public service' - or should we say 'serving the Anglo-American interests headquartered in the City of London'.
Dulles and dodgy are interchangeable words and Rabbi Antelman said that the Council on Foreign Relations is America's most powerful pro-Israel lobby group and controlled by Sabbatian-Frankists.
The Times articles that trashed the Protocols were written by a British Army Intelligence operative using an unnamed source provided by the infamous liar and manipulator Allen Dulles and the source secured a loan from the newspaper he would not have to repay. Oh, nothing to question here, then. Now shut up you 'anti-Semite'!
Colin Holmes, a lecturer in economic history at the UK's Sheffield University, claimed to have identified the Dulles emigre as Michael Raslovleff, a 'self-identified anti-Semite', who gave the information to Graves because he didn't want to 'give a weapon of any kind to the Jews, whose friend I have never been'. Surely having a document circulating that was alleged to be proof of a 'Jewish plot' is what an 'anti-Semite' would want rather than seeking to trash its legitimacy? Anyway, that's some background and people will have to decide what they think.
–David Icke, "The Trigger", 2019
After reading the above from Icke I had renewed interest in the Protocols and started to do a little research.
Wikipedia is "certain" that the Protocols are a "forgery"; here is what they have to say:
Source material for the forgery consisted jointly of "Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu" (Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu), an 1864 political satire by Maurice Joly; and a chapter from Biarritz, an 1868 novel by the antisemitic German novelist Hermann Goedsche, which had been translated into Russian in 1872.
Interestingly, however, when one looks up Herman Goedsche and his book Biarritz (again, on wikipedia), one reads:
In his 1868 book Biarritz, Goedsche plagiarized a book by the French satirist Maurice Joly, The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu
Also "Dialogue aux enfers..." itself appears to be somewhat plagiarized:
Umberto Eco considered that Dialogue in Hell was itself plagiarised in part from a novel by Eugène Sue, Les Mystères du Peuple.
Interesting, what is going on here? But let's continue. Wikipedia says:
Identifiable phrases from Joly constitute 4% of the first half of the first edition, and 12% of the second half
[Australian researcher Peter Myer comments on the above:]
[“Cohn's (whose research the wikipedia entry makes use of) arithmetic is incorrect. The word-count of the parallel passages from the Protocols as listed by Bernstein, is 4,361, while the word-count of the Protocols is 26, 496. That is, the parallel passages comprise 16.45% of the Protocols; this is substantial, but still less than one sixth of the total.”]
So... where does the rest of the book come from?
Back to Wikipedia:
A major source for the Protocols was Der Judenstaat (1896) by Theodor Herzl, which was referred to as Zionist Protocols in its initial French and Russian editions. Paradoxically, early Russian editions of the Protocols assert that they did not come from a Zionist organization.
Stepanov is said to have published the Protocols first around the same time as Herzl's book was published. That's awfully tight timing.
The wikipedia page makes no mention of the original Philip Stepanov publication, or Stepanov himself (big omission), but the source authors the page quotes from do. Interesting that.
Time to look into this Stepanov character.
No Wikipedia page that I can find.
The first thing I found was this:
He said that the "Protocols" was not Jewish-Masonic but a Zionist document secretly read at the Zionist Congress in Basle in 1897. (This especially is a foolish notion since an affidavit written by Philip Stepanov, the first publisher, proves that the "Protocols" was first brought to Russia two years before that Congress took place.) source
Two years before!? How can a book that heavily relies on plagiarizing from a book published in 1897, be published two years before in 1895?
I went hunting for this affidavit, and found quotes from it in another document.
A bombshell document...
...that I shall now quote from extensively (source at the end):
According to Philip Stepanov, formerly Procurator of the Moscow Synod, Chamberlain, and Privy Councillor, a copy of The Protocols was given to him in 1895 by his neighbour Maj. Alexis Sukhotin, Marshall of the town of Orel, who had been given his copy by Mlle Justine Glinka. (Sworn statement of Philip Stepanov, dated 17 April 1927).
Glinka, the daughter of a Russian general, had been in France since 1884, working for Gen. Orgevskii, secretary to the Minister of the Interior. Joseph Schorst, a Jewish member of the Mizraim Masonic Lodge in Paris, was in her employ, and offered to obtain a document which became known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Schorst later fled to Egypt where he was murdered. Returning to Russia, she gave a copy of the Protocols to Alexis Sukhotin, who showed it to Stepanov and Professor Sergius A. Nilus.
In wishing to refute the later allegation that The Protocols were formulated at the 1897 First Zionist Congress in Basle, Herman Bernstein, an early debunker of The Protocols, cites Stepanov’s sworn statement, the handwritten original being reproduced in Mrs Leslie Fry’s book Waters Flowing Eastward. Bernstein states:
"…This account of the history of the Protocols in Russia is accompanied by a facsimile affidavit made in 1927 by Philip Stepanov, one of the two friends to whom Sukhotin first showed the Protocols in Russia. Stepanov's telltale affidavit, translated from the Russian, reads as follows:
"In 1895 my neighboring estate owner in the province of Tula, retired Major Alexey Nikolayevitch Sukhotin, gave me a handwritten copy of the 'Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion.' He told me that a lady of his acquaintance (he did not mention her name), residing in Paris, had found them at the home of a friend of hers (probably of Jewish origin), and before leaving Paris, had translated them secretly, without his knowledge, and had brought one copy of that translation to Russia, and had given that copy to him, Sukhotin.
"At first I mimeographed one hundred copies of the Protocols, but that edition was difficult to read, and I resolved to have it printed somewhere, without mentioning the time, the city and the printer; I was helped in this by Arcady Ippolitovitch Kelepkovsky, who at that time was Privy Councillor with Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovitch; he had these documents printed at the Provincial Printing Press; that was in 1897. S. A. Nilus reprinted these Protocols in full in his book, with his own commentaries.
"Philip Petrovitch Stepanov, former Procurator of the Moscow Synod Office; Chamberlain, Privy Councillor, and at the time of the publication of that edition, Chief of the district railway service of the Moscow-Kursk railway (in Orel).
"This is the signature of a member of the colony of Russian refugees at Stary and Novy Futog. "Witnessed by me, Stary Futog, April 17, 1927. "Chairman of the Administration of the Colony, "Prince Vladimir Galitzin." (Seal)
–(Herman Bernstein, The Truth About "The Protocols Of Zion": A Complete Exposure, 1971, pp. 37-40. Bernstein quotes from L. Fry's book Waters Flowing Eastward).
...there are internal indications that The Protocols date well prior to 1900-01. For e.g. a reference to "the Panama scandal" of 1888 which caused a furore in France during the 1890s. Also had The Protocols been contrived by Golovinsky ca. 1900 (see source below for more info) or at least sometime after 1896, it seems reasonable that anti-Semites would draw widely on references to Zionism, the First Zionist Congress taking place in 1897. However, there are no references to Zionism at all in The Protocols. The initial opinion of Nilus et al that The Protocols were not derived from the Zionist movement, but from a Jewish faction of Masonry, were correct.
It is particularly interesting that Cohn [historian Norman Cohn, quoted extensively in the wikipdeia entry] bases his refutation of The Protocols on the assertion that they are plagiarised from Maurice Joly’s Dialogues in Hell, and refutes the notion that The Protocols could emanate from the Alliance Israelite Universelle, yet fails to make any mention of the close association that existed between the Alliance’s Adolphe Cremieux and Joly. After all, most of the publicists for The Protocols seem to have considered the association, but Cohn, eager to nick-pick on various details, neglects refuting these most damning connections. Both Cohn and Bernstein were fully aware of Joly’s associations with Cremieux and with Masonry as stated in Mrs Fry’s book Waters Flowing Eastward (both mention the book) yet they say nothing of these associations. We must therefore assume that Mrs Fry’s assertions regarding Joly, Masonry and Cremieux are correct.
Whilst we shall shortly deal with the alleged parallels between passages of The Protocols and Joly’s work, we shall first deal with background of Joly that Cohn, Bernstein et al conspicuously avoid. Joly (1831-1878) had a family background in Masonry from his maternal grandfather. Studying law, he secured a post in he Ministry of the Interior. In 1860 he founded a newspaper, Le Palais, for lawyers and attorneys. The principal stockholders were: Jules Favre (Mason who served in the Gambetta Government, the so-called Government of National Defence, which arose after the fall of Napoleon III in 1870), Desmaret (Mason), Leblond (Mason), Adolphe Cremieux, Mason and head of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, a member of the Gambetta Government, of whom more later), Emmanuel Arago, Mason, serving with Gambetta), and Antoine Berryer (apparently the only non-Mason around Joly).
Joly’s politics were self-described as "socialist", with the need to accept "extreme means". With Cremieux he shared a hatred of Napoleon III. However what The Times, as well as subsequent critics of The Protocols do not mention is that Joly’s polemic against Napoleon III was itself predated by a similar work entitled Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Rousseau, which was written by Jacob Venedey and published in Berlin in 1850. Therefore, Joly was continuing a certain polemical line of thought rather than inventing it. If there are similarities between Joly and The Protocols, then there are also similarities with Venedey. All three for instance refer to the Hindu God Vishnu in parallel passages.
According to the expert testimony of Col. Fleischhauer at the 1935 Berne Trial, Joly was himself Jewish, his name having been originally Joseph Levy, Joly being concocted out of four letters of his true name. This testimony was said to have caused a sensation in the courtroom. When the plaintiffs produced a "baptismal certificate" to prove that Joly was not Jewish, it was dated December 1829, i.e. several years prior to Joly’s real date of birth according to his own account.
Since Venedey, a communist, takes a position antithetical to Joly, his champion being Machiavelli, we can see here a dialectical process in operation, that was brought to revolutionary perfection by Marx and the communists, and has arguably been used by the ‘Elders of Zion’. The dialectical strategy consists of promoting tension in society to achieve change. This includes the promotion of ideas and movements seemingly antithetical to ones own aims in the short term to advance long-range aims. Hence, the seemingly contradictory and self-destructive phenomenon of international bankers financing supposedly anti-capitalist revolutions to bring down traditional societies, as we shall see in due course. That the dialectical process is operative here can be inferred from the fact that Cremieux was the mentor of both Venedey and Joly. Hence the seemingly contradictory, antithetical positions of Venedey and Joly represent two sides of the programme of the ‘Learned Elder’.
Venedey (1805-1871) was a Jew who sought refuge in France, due to his revolutionary activities in Germany. He was removed from Paris by the police, but was able to return due to the intercession of Arago (whom we have seen was to become a stockholder in Joly’s newspaper) and Francois Mignet, both friends of Cremieux. Venedey was closely associated with Karl Marx and helped establish the Communist International, and was also active in the Masonic order Bauhutte.
Masonry, Illuminati & The Rite of Mizraim
Mrs Fry and other authorities on The Protocols have claimed that the documents were taken from a Lodge of the Masonic Rite of Mizraim, by one of its Jewish members, Joseph Schorst. Whilst this suggestion is of course rubbished out of hand by Cohn et al, once again the Protocols deniers remain strangely mute as to the role of both Cremieux and Joly in Mizraim.
Cremieux was a prominent member of Mizraim as well as Scottish Rite Masonry and the Grand Orient. Cremieux was a member of the Supreme Council of the Order of Mizraim. He also became Grand Master of the unified Grand Orient and Scottish Rite Masonry.
The Aegpytian Rite of Mizraim or Misraim was founded in Milan, Italy in 1805 and transferred to France in 1814. Mizraim is Hebrew for Egypt. Its origins reach back to the cabalistic magician Cagliostro, who was an initiate of the Illuminati. But the Misraim-Rite was (and still is) not accepted by Regular Freemasonry.
In 1862, another irregular rite, the Memphis Rite was introduced to the USA. On 4th June 1872, John Yarker introduced the Memphis-Rite to England. Under his jurisdiction, Memphis and Misraim came together. This unification was called The Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim, or Memphis-Misraim.
In 1902 Theodor Reuss, a German espionage agent, gained sanction from Yarker to install the Scottish Rite (33 degrees) and the "irregular" MM-Rites (90 and 97 degrees) in Germany. In 1917, Reuss introduced some of the Scottish Rite and MM degrees into the Ordo Templi Orientis, an occult society founded in 1906. This OTO was to be taken over by the infamous "Black Magician" and self-declared "Great Beast 666", Aleister Crowley. Crowley, a cabalist, was to write his own manifesto for a "New World Order", which he called The Book of the Law, expounding a Nietzschean doctrine of "Force and Fire" on the ruins of Christianity. Crowley saw his movement as being a continuation of the Illuminati and counted its founder Adam Weishaupt among a long list of "saints". A major difference of course is that Crowley did not have the resources and influence of Organised Jewry.
In 1870 the Rite of Mizraim was established in England under the authority of Cremieux. Bro. Little, one of those at the founding conference of Mizraim in London, on 28 December, stated:
"…Brother Cremieux, however, as a proof of his willingness to assist, sent to the meeting his diploma as a member of the French Grand College of Rites, and this diploma was placed upon the table during the proceedings, and was examined by several out of the hundred Masons present. It was also understood that Brother C.'s diploma invested him with the power to found rites or orders recognized by the Grand Orient of France (the Rite of Misraim being one)…"
The Freemason reported that a
"Supreme Council General of the 90°, had been regularly formed here 'under the authority conveyed in a diploma granted to the Illustrious Brother Cremieux, 33° of the Rite Ecossais, and a member of the Grand College of Rites in France.'"
Bernstein and Cohn rubbish any such notion of Masonic involvement in any conspiracy, including involvement in the French Revolution. This repudiation is necessary on their part, since Masonry plays a major factor in the conspiracy expounded in The Protocols. We shall consider the role of Masonry and the Illuminati in due course. Suffice it here to cite several eminent sources that can hardly be said to be anti-Semitic. Benjamin Disraeli, the Jewish Victorian era Prime Minister of Britain and intimate of the Rothschild banking dynasty, one of the mainstays of Jewish world influence, states in terms themselves reminiscent of The Protocols:
"When the secret societies, in February 1848, surprised Europe, they were themselves surprised by the unexpected opportunity, and so little capable were they of seizing the occasion, that had it not been for the Jews, who of late years unfortunately have been connecting themselves with these unhallowed associations, imbecile as were the governments the uncalled-for outbreak would not have ravaged Europe. But the fiery energy and the teeming resources of the children of Israel maintained for a long time the unnecessary and useless struggle. If the reader throws over the provisional governments of Germany, and Italy, and even of France, formed at that period, he will recognise everywhere the Jewish element. Even the insurrection, and defence, and administration of Venice, which, from the resource of statesmanlike moderation displayed, commanded almost the respect and sympathy of Europe, were accomplished by a Jew - Manini, who by the bye is a Jew who professes the whole of the Jewish religion, and believes in Calvary as well as Sinai, 'a converted Jew', as the Lombards styled him, quite forgetting, in the confusion of their ideas, that it is the Lombards who are the converts - not Manini."
Secondly we have a remarkable statement from Leon Trotsky, the Jewish revolutionary who became commander of the Red Army and with Lenin the most powerful man in the USSR:
"It was during that period that I became interested in freemasonry. ... In the eighteenth century freemasonry became expressive of a militant policy of enlightenment, as in the case of the Illuminati, who were the forerunners of the revolution; on its left it culminated in the Carbonari. Freemasons counted among their members both Louis XVI and the Dr. Guillotin who invented the guillotine. In southern Germany freemasonry assumed an openly revolutionary character, whereas at the court of Catherine the Great it was a masquerade reflecting the aristocratic and bureaucratic hierarchy. A freemason Novikov was exiled to Siberia by a freemason Empress. . I discontinued my work on freemasonry to take up the study of Marxian economics. ... The work on freemasonry acted as a sort of test for these hypotheses. ... I think this influenced the whole course of my intellectual development.".
Note that Trotsky not only refers to Masonry as a major factor in revolutionary ferment, but how it had also infiltrated the hierarchy of the old order it was about to overthrow, and that both the Illuminati and the Italian Carbonari were involved. Yet Bernstein and Cohn dismiss such sentiments when expressed by Robison et al as "fantasy". Bernstein also opines that the Illuminati were a "rival" of Masonry and did not survive its banning by the Elector of Bavaria. As we shall see, this opinion is naïve at best.
Thirdly, Bernard Lazare traces the Jewish influence on Masonry and the Illuminati, as follows:
"…It is true of course that there were Jews connected with Freemasonry from its birth, students of the Kabbala, as shown by certain rites which survive. It is very probable too that in the years preceding the French Revolution, they entered in greater numbers than ever, into the councils of the secret societies, becoming, indeed, themselves the founders of secret associations. There were Jews in the circle around Weishaupt, and a Jew of Portuguese origin, Martinez de Pasquales, established numerous groups of Illuminati in France and gathered a large number of disciples, who he instructed in the doctrines of reintegration. The lodges which Martinez founded were mystic in character, whereas the other orders of Freemasonry were, on the whole, rationalistic in their teachings. This might almost lead one to say that the secret societies gave expression in a way to the two fold nature of the Jew, on the one hand a rigid rationalism, on the other that pantheism which… often ended in a sort of Cabalistic theurgy. There would be little difficulty in showing how these two tendencies worked in harmony; how Cazotte, Cagliostro, Martinez [de Pasquales]… were practically in alliance with the Encyclopaedists and the Jacobins, succeeded in arriving at the same end, the undermining, namely, of Christianity."
The Protocols (if obtained in 1884) refer to the Panama Canal scandal years before the scandal had become public knowledge (in 1892). Therefore whoever wrote The Protocols must have had inside knowledge of high powered financial manipulation.
We have already noted that The Protocols did not originate with the Zionist movement. This was the original opinion of Nilus and others, although subsequently modified after Zionism became an influential movement among the Jews. In fact, the majority of the most prominent figures of World Jewry were opposed to Zionism, and some Orthodox Jews are still antagonistic on the basis that Israel was not to be recreated until after the advent of the King-Messiah.
The principal allegation levelled at the supposed forgers of The Protocols is that the purpose is to foment "anti-Semitism". However, the following is a remarkable passage from The Protocols in which it is said that "anti-Semitism" serves the purposes of the "Elders of Zion" in keeping the Jewish masses herded under their leadership.
As one might say today, this seems to be something of a "protection racket". The Jewish masses are being milked of millions of dollars every year to fill the coffers not only of Israel but of numerous "Jewish defence" organisations such as the Anti-Defamation League, which continually feed the Jews the line that a pogrom or a new "Holocaust" is just around the corner if Jews don’t keep donating. Here is what The Protocols say about "anti-Semitism". It is surely a strange passage if the authors are anti-Semites wishing to incite pogroms:
"Nowadays if any States raise a protest against us it is only pro forma at our discretion, and by our direction, for their antiSemitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us." (Prot. IX)
There is much, much more to this story; what I have quoted above are abridged excerpts.
The full document is a fascinating read and you can read it here:
The PROTOCOLS of ZION In Context By Dr. K. R. Bolton (PDF)
"But you yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people's relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, BY THE INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want, so that the goyim see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing space the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive."
Protocol 10
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
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2020.09.08 19:01 StevenStevens43 Destroyed Temple of Thoth

Destroyed Temple of Thoth
In Irish mythology, there was an Irish high king named Ethriel.
Ethriel is supposed to have reigned during the same period that Samson was the king of the tribes of Dan.
Ethriel, son of Íriel Fáid, according to medieval Irish legends and historical traditions, succeeded his father as High King of Ireland. During his reign he cleared six plains. He ruled for twenty years, until he was killed in the Battle of Rairiu by Conmáel in revenge for his father Éber Finn, who had been killed by Ethriel's grandfather Érimón. He was the last of the chieftains who arrived in the invasion of the sons of Míl) to rule Ireland. The Lebor Gabála Érenn says that during his reign Tautanes, king of Assyria, died (1182 BC according to Jerome's Chronicon)), as did Hector and Achilles (the Trojan War is usually dated to the 13th century BC), and Samson was king of the Tribe of Dan in ancient Israel.[1] Geoffrey Keating dates his reign from 1259 to 1239 BC,[2]
Link for photo
Samson fighting a Lion
Tribe of Danaan:
Ethriel himself, was from the tribe of Danann, as he was a Son of Mil, who was a king of Spain, and as we have covered in previous articles, Iberia was a Celtic stronghold during this period. (see Beaker culture).
In the Lebor Gabála Érenn, a medieval Irish Christian pseudo-history, the Milesians (Irish: gairthear Mílidh Easpáinne) are the final race to settle in Ireland. They represent the Irish people. The Milesians are Gaels who sail to Ireland from Iberia (Hispania) after spending hundreds of years travelling the earth. When they land in Ireland they contend with the Tuatha Dé Danann
Link for photo#/media/File:Mythsand_legends;_the_Celtic_race(1910)_(14760459036).jpg)
Sons of Mil
Tuatha de Dannan:
Now, the reason we know that Ethriel was from the tribe of Dannan, is because the Sons of Mil were the legendary Tuatha de Dannan, and the etymology of "Tuatha", means "People, tribe, nation".
The Old Irish word tuath (plural tuatha) means "people, tribe, nation";
Now the fact that many superhuman attributes get awarded to Tuatha de Dannan figures, perhaps makes the Tuatha de Dannan appear mythological.
However it is quite contemporary that during this period there was an Indo-Aryan empire known as the Hittite empire that was waging a serious assault on Egypt and it's surrounding vassal kingdoms, and those Hittites began to take on a super-human aura.
New kingdom
During the Hittite Empire period the kingship became hereditary and the king took on a "superhuman aura" and began to be referred to by the Hittite citizens as "My Sun". The kings of the Empire period began acting as a high priest for the whole kingdom—making an annual tour of the Hittite holy cities, conducting festivals and supervising the upkeep of the sanctuaries.[45]
King Thorri:
A good example of super-human legends comes from a Swedish mythological king named king Thorri from house of ynglings, who is supposed to be descended from Dan I.
About Thorri
King Thorri (Þorri 'frozen snow') was son of Snær ('Snow') the Old, a descendant of Fornjót ("king of Jotlandi (also spelled Gotlandi[2]), later known as Quennlandi and Finnlandi"). See Snær and Fornjót for further information. The name Þorri has long been connected with that of Þórr, the name of the Norse thunder god Thor, or thunder personified.[3]
A grandson of King Snow, and Frost before that, king Nór marries Hedda (Höddu) daughter of Svaða Jótun that may be seen as descending from the Scyldings, from the Kings of Lejre, the stronghold of the descendants of Dan) in Denmark.
Link for photo
Another good example of self confessed supermen during this period, comes from Indo god of war, Subrahmanya.
Kartikeya (Sanskrit: कार्त्तिकेय, IAST: Kārttikeya), also known as Skanda, Kumara,[4], Murugan and Subrahmanya, is the Hindu god of war.[5]
Link for photo
Sea peoples:
Now during this period, several pharoahs, including Merneptah, carried out wars against a notorious naval group named the "sea peoples".
He described the sea peoples as "Northerners from all lands".
Merneptah had to carry out several military campaigns during his reign. In the fifth year of his rule, he fought against the Libyans, who— with the assistance of the Sea Peoples— were threatening Egypt from the west. Merneptah led a victorious six-hour battle against a combined Libyan and Sea People force at the city of Perire, probably located on the western edge of the Nile delta. His account of this campaign against the Sea Peoples and Libu is described in prose on a wall beside the sixth pylon at Karnak, which states:
[Beginning of the victory that his majesty achieved in the land of Libya] -I, Ekwesh, Teresh, Lukka, Sherden, Shekelesh, Northerners coming from all lands.
Link for photo
Merneptah reigned 1213 and 1203 BC, so that would not quite put him within the 1259 to 1239 BC period given in Irish mythology for the reign of Samson.
Merneptah or Merenptah (reigned July or August 1213 BC – May 2, 1203 BC) was the fourth pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.
Ramesses II:
The reign of Samson would have been during the reign of Remesses II:
Ramesses II
Ramesses II /ˈræməsiːz, ˈræmsiːz, ˈræmziːz/[5] (variously also spelt Rameses[6] or Ramses (Ancient Egyptian: rꜥ-ms-sw "Ra is the one who bore him" > Koinē Greek: Ῥαμέσσης, romanized: Rhaméssēs); c. 1303 BC – July or August 1213; reigned 1279–1213 BC[7]), also known as Ramesses the Great, was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt.
Link for photo.jpg)
Ramesses II
Battle against Sherden sea pirates:
Now the war between Egypt and the Hittite empire, was not a quick one, it carried on for hundreds of years, until the Hittites eventually collapsed the Egyptian dynasty, and therefore, Ramesses II was also called in to action against Sherden sea pirates.
Battle against sherden sea pirates
In his second year, Ramesses II decisively defeated the Sherden sea pirates who were wreaking havoc along Egypt's Mediterranean coast by attacking cargo-laden vessels travelling the sea routes to Egypt.[20] The Sherden people probably came from the coast of Ionia, from southwest Anatolia or perhaps, also from the island of Sardinia.[21][22][23] Ramesses posted troops and ships at strategic points along the coast and patiently allowed the pirates to attack their perceived prey before skillfully catching them by surprise in a sea battle and capturing them all in a single action.[24]
Sea peoples:
Now let us just stop a moment, to make sure we are under no elusions as to how notorious the Sea peoples were.
The Sea peoples are actually blamed for the late bronze age collapse, and likely led to the downfall of the native egyptian dynasty, more than the pitch battles conducted by the Hittite army.
Sea peoples
The Sea Peoples are a purported seafaring confederation that attacked ancient Egypt and other regions of the East Mediterranean prior to and during the Late Bronze Age collapse (1200–900 BCE).
Tribe of Dan:
Now what happened to the survivors of those defeats that got captured?
Well, the Egyptians en-rolled them in to the Egyptian army, in return for donating them lands in vassal kingdoms.
What happened to those that escaped? Well, would they not have just went home? Perhaps made their way back to Ireland, via their Iberian strong-hold?
Now, the best theory for who the tribe of Dan is, is that they were captured sea peoples from the tribe of Dannan. Or tribe of Denyan, as referred to by the Egyptians.
The Onomasticon of Amenope, or Amenemipit (amen-em-apt), gives slight credence to the idea that the Ramesside kings settled the Sea Peoples in Canaan. Dated to about 1100 BCE, at the end of the 21st dynasty (which had numerous short-reigned pharaohs), this document simply lists names. After six place names, four of which were in Philistia, the scribe lists the Sherden (Line 268), the Tjeker (Line 269) and the Peleset (Line 270), who might be presumed to occupy those cities.[79] The Story of Wenamun on a papyrus of the same cache also places the Tjeker in Dor at that time. The fact that the Biblical maritime Tribe of Dan was initially located between the Philistines and the Tjekker, has prompted some to suggest that they may originally have been Denyen.
Tribe of Dan:
Now, typical of a sea fairing people, the Denyans ended up settling in a coastal part of Israel.
Tribe of Dan
The Tribe of Dan (Hebrew: דָּן‎), meaning, "Judge", was one of the tribes of Israel, according to the Torah. They were allocated a coastal portion of land when the people of Israel entered the Promised Land, later moving northwards.
Link for photo
Tribe of Dan
Lived on their boats:
Now, the Danites are believed to have actually not bothered settling on the Danite mainland of Israel, instead choosing to just live in their boats.
Assumably in the harbours.
Their primary trade characteristic was seafaring, unusual for the Israelite tribes.[19] In the Song of Deborah the tribe is said to have stayed on their ships with their belongings.[20
The Danites left port at the fall of the Hittite empire:
Now, when the Assyrian empire rose up and defeated the Hittite empire, the Danites took off in their boats and did not bother to hang around and Help Israel defend themselves against the Assyrians, and they were never seen again.
Assyrian conquest and demise
As part of the Kingdom of Israel), the territory of Dan was conquered by the Assyrians, and exiled; the manner of their exile led to their further history being lost.
Link for photo
Dan I:
Now, i think common sense alone would suggest, that the Denyan, likely returned to Northern regions, such as Ireland and Denmark.
You know, regions that had been under the kingship of Dan I, when they first got sent to the near to middle east to stop the charge of Thutmose III, who was leading the Egyptian native army northwards at a high speed.
Dan I
Dan I was the progenitor of the Danish royal house according to Saxo Grammaticus's Gesta Danorum. He supposedly held the lordship of Denmark along with his brother Angul), the father of the Angles in Angeln, which later formed the Anglo-Saxons in England.
Link for photo
Dan I
Now this is not the end.
I now want to shift focus to Samson.
Conquest and territory
The most celebrated Danite was Samson, a Danaite judge from the period of settlement in the lands allotted by Joshua. Pnina Galpaz-Feller sees similarities between the story of Samson and Denyen tribal legends.[9]
Destroyed the temple of Dagon:
Now, Samson is attributed to have destroyed the temple of Dagon.
When the Philistines took Samson into their temple of Dagon, Samson asked to rest against one of the support pillars. After being granted permission, he prayed to God and miraculously recovered his strength, allowing him to bring down the columns, collapsing the temple and killing himself as well as all of the Philistines.
Link to photo
Pillars of Dagon
Temple of Dakka:
However, historically factually, the Temple of Dagon, was likely actually the temple of Dakka, in Nubia/Sudan/ancient egypt.
Temple of dakka
Ad-Dakka (Arab: الدكة, also el-Dakka, Egyptian: Pselqet, Greek: Pselchis) was a place in Lower Nubia. It is the site of the Greco-Roman Temple of Dakka, dedicated to Thoth, the god of wisdom in the ancient Egyptian pantheon.
Link for photo
Temple of Dakka
Temple of Thoth:
Now, in actual fact, it would not even be pertaining to the Temple of Dakka, as the temple of Dakka was only constructed in the 3rd BC, and was a reconstruction of earlier destroyed temples, in slightly different locations.
Now, dating back to the time of Ramesses II, there appears to be temple ruins from a location named Kubban, which is the earliest known temple of Dakka/Thoth.
During the construction of the Aswan dam in the 1960s, the temple was dismantled and moved to the site of Wadi es-Sebua.[7] At the time of its removal, some reused stone blocks from Thutmose III, Seti I and Merneptah were discovered which originated from an earlier New Kingdom structure in or near Kubban.[2] The temple's pylon is now separated from the remainder of the temple due to the missing enclosure walls of the open court.
Link for photo
This would suggest, that the temple was likely destroyed by captured Denyan's fighting under Samson, for Ramesses II, during one of his Nubian campaigns, against the lower cataracts.
Campaigns in Nubia
Ramesses II also campaigned south of the first cataract of the Nile into Nubia. When Ramesses was about 22, two of his own sons, including Amun-her-khepeshef, accompanied him in at least one of those campaigns. By the time of Ramesses, Nubia had been a colony for 200 years, but its conquest was recalled in decoration from the temples Ramesses II built at Beit el-Wali[46] (which was the subject of epigraphic work by the Oriental Institute) during the Nubian salvage campaign of the 1960s),[47] Gerf Hussein and Kalabsha in northern Nubia. On the south wall of the Beit el-Wali temple, Ramesses II is depicted charging into battle against the Nubians in a war chariot, while his two young sons, Amun-her-khepsef and Khaemwaset, are shown behind him, also in war chariots. A wall in one of Ramesses's temples says he had to fight one battle with the Nubians without help from his soldiers.
Link for photo
Ramesses II in his War charriot
Therefore, it is most likely that the Tuatha de Dannan, and Samson, were real historical figures, and Samson truly was a king that was involved in the destruction of a temple, but likely not in the location, nor environment, depicted in legends.
And Irish mythology, ties in perfectly with known contemporary history.
Though the story of Samson destroying the temple with his own super-human strength, is likely euhemerised from the true stroy of 408 BC olympic winner Polydamas of Skotoussa, who had quite literally won the title of hardest man in the world, after winning the pankratiast finals.
Pankratism was a sporting event were competitors fought eachother without rules.
So, unlike todays boxing events, pankratists were actually competing in real fights.
He apparently was killed whilst performing a heroic act of strength, when a roof caved in, and he held the roof up long enough for everyone else to escape, though he himself died.
Skotoussa is also thought to have killed a ferocious lion on mount Olympus with his bare hands.
Samson is also credited with this feat.
Therefore, superhuman acts achieved by Samson, are likely usurped from real stories connected with the Olympic gold medalist Skotoussa.

Polydamas of Skotoussa:
Polydamas of Skotoussa
Polydamas of Skotoussa (Greek: Πολυδάμας (gen.: -ντος) ὁ Σκοτουσσαῖος), son of Nicias, was a Thessalian pankratiast, and victor in the 93rd Olympiad (408 BC).
His size was said to be immense and the most marvellous stories are related of his strength (for example, how, without any weapons, he killed a huge lion on Mount Olympus, or how he stopped a chariot at full gallop). His reputation led Darius II of Persia to invite him to his court, where he performed similar feats.
In the end, Polydamas' strength could not prevent his demise. One summer, he and his friends were relaxing in a cave when the roof began to crumble down upon them. Believing his immense strength could prevent the cave-in, he held his hands up to the roof, trying to support it as the rocks crashed down around him. This gave enough time for his friends to flee the cave and reached safety, but Polydamas never got out and died.

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2020.09.08 17:07 intellectualgulf The Miseducation of the American People

This is a theory that I will be working on until I figure out if it is accurate or not. Y'know, how the scientific process is supposed to be applied.
The theory is this: The american people have been purposefully miseducated for generations and the bizarre backwards behavior we see today is a symptom of this miseducation.
Whether or not the GOP is mainly responsible, whether this miseducation was politically aligned / inspired seems like a very important question given Nixon's presidency. Nixon is however just a symptom of a disease, and that disease is misinformation. The miseducation of the American people has been occurring for at least 100 years, but most likely has been ongoing since the founding of the country. Unfortunately freedom of speech protects liars, but that is the price we pay for democracy.
Misinformation is a human disease, and is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American citizens in 2020 alone. Trump appointed Jared Kushner, an uneducated unqualified man, to lead a Covid Task force AND Jared Kushner showed why being uneducated is dangerous, since he decided Covid would magically hurt democrats more than republicans.
I appear to be picking on Trump, but my theory is that conservatives of every color are to blame for this miseducation. It may be unfair to lay the blame entirely at the feet of conservative political parties, but we still can't have rational public debates about social policy without one of the miseducated screaming about communism.
The average american has no idea what socialism is and only vaguely understands it to be a dangerous / bad system of governance that opposing superpowers have historically claimed to follow.
The issue with this miseducation is it prevents reasonable logical debate. Of course any purely socialist society would fail, we are not a cooperative species. Any "true" form of government will fail when applied to humans because we are not rational or logical animals. We will inevitably smear everything in sight with feces and claim we have improved the world.
Miseducation has led to the average american not understanding how governments function at a fundamental level. A government is a group of people who agree to a set of rules that direct acceptable or unacceptable behavior, who organize around these rules, and who contribute resources to the group fund to support the enforcement of those rules. Every government is socialist since the definition of socialism is group ownership, and democratic governments are group owned. All guaranteed services provided by a government are group owned, and anyone who claims the government should not provide guaranteed services should leave since that is exactly what our founding fathers wanted it to be.
I'll repeat that last bit for clarity, the founding fathers intentionally created a group owned government to provide guaranteed services which include the postal service. If you consider yourself an "American" and believe that privatizing government services is a good idea, then you do not understand your government. This is reasonable given that many people were taught complete falsehoods before the internet came along, and many more falsehoods have been propagated by charlatans via the internet.
The only reason we can even tell that a massive amount of miseducation occurred in the United States is because so many of those people are very loud. The internet acts as a permanent record, and despite active revisionism / ongoing miseducation it still provides a clear view of the miseducation.
Each administration that chooses to use misinformation as a political weapon / tool ultimately damages the United States of America as they progressively weaken the citizens faith in truth. The american people at this point in time continue to act illogically despite access to the entirety of human knowledge at their fingertips. This is because the average American has been taught that Science and truth are not the same, and that "science" cannot be trusted to protect their interests. It does not matter that "their interests" are given to them by politicians who have shown an inability to think rationally or scientifically, since this is what they have been taught to accept.
This is yet another symptom of the disease, as people who otherwise are not mentally deficient make completely irrational or illogical choices / behaviors, such as continuing to elect corrupt and incompetent leaders.
The claims by Trump and other "modern" conservatives that the United States is or ever was intended to be a Christian nation is common. It really shouldn't be commonly held or believed since it is patently false, but it is another symptom of the disease of misinformation which is propagated in the United States through miseducation.
Data Sources
Statistics in the U.S. Department of Education: Highlights from the Past 120 Years
US Department of Education website
The original Department of Education was created in 1867 to collect information on schools and teaching that would help the States establish effective school systems. While the agency's name and location within the Executive Branch have changed over the past 130 years, this early emphasis on getting information on what works in education to teachers and education policymakers continues down to the present day.
The passage of the Second Morrill Act in 1890 gave the then-named Office of Education responsibility for administering support for the original system of land-grant colleges and universities. Vocational education became the next major area of Federal aid to schools, with the 1917 Smith-Hughes Act and the 1946 George-Barden Act focusing on agricultural, industrial, and home economics training for high school students.
World War II led to a significant expansion of Federal support for education. The Lanham Act in 1941 and the Impact Aid laws of 1950 eased the burden on communities affected by the presence of military and other Federal installations by making payments to school districts. And in 1944, the "GI Bill" authorized postsecondary education assistance that would ultimately send nearly 8 million World War II veterans to college.
The Cold War stimulated the first example of comprehensive Federal education legislation, when in 1958 Congress passed the National Defense Education Act (NDEA) in response to the Soviet launch of Sputnik. To help ensure that highly trained individuals would be available to help America compete with the Soviet Union in scientific and technical fields, the NDEA included support for loans to college students, the improvement of science, mathematics, and foreign language instruction in elementary and secondary schools, graduate fellowships, foreign language and area studies, and vocational-technical training.
The anti-poverty and civil rights laws of the 1960s and 1970s brought about a dramatic emergence of the Department's equal access mission. The passage of laws such as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which prohibited discrimination based on race, sex, and disability, respectively made civil rights enforcement a fundamental and long-lasting focus of the Department of Education. In 1965, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act launched a comprehensive set of programs, including the Title I program of Federal aid to disadvantaged children to address the problems of poor urban and rural areas. And in that same year, the Higher Education Act authorized assistance for postsecondary education, including financial aid programs for needy college students.
In 1980, Congress established the Department of Education as a Cabinet level agency. Today, ED operates programs that touch on every area and level of education. The Department's elementary and secondary programs annually serve nearly 18,200 school districts and over 50 million students attending roughly 98,000 public schools and 32,000 private schools. Department programs also provide grant, loan, and work-study assistance to more than 12 million postsecondary students.
When formulating this theory I was focused on education in the 1950s and later, but I am revising this theory as I read more. I think the best way to identify the miseducation will be to find writings that survived the shifts in belief. To suggest to one of Jefferson's contemporaries that he wanted religion involved with the United States government would have gotten you laughed out of the room. Jefferson was not above using the law to support his personal beliefs, but we have his letters with Madison where they congratulate one another on keeping religion out of the government [see comments].
I bring this up as it is a MAJOR point for conservatives despite being clearly historically wrong.,%2Dcommunism%2C%20pro%2Dindividualism%2C,%2Dcommunism%2C%20pro%2Dindividualism%2C
Anyone who ascribes to believes in made up history is one of the miseducated.
20200915 - "The white man's burden"
In February 1899, British novelist and poet Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem entitled “The White Man’s Burden: The United States and The Philippine Islands.”
I had hoped I would need to search further than this to find my evidence, as if all the evidence is laying about like this it is a wonder no one else stumbled upon it before.
"The White Man's Burden" had a clear historical impact, and yet most people alive now would refuse to believe that their great great grandparent, great grandparent, or grandparent was assuredly raised with (and most likely promoted) Racist views.
This poem influenced the future) US President Theodore Roosevelt and Global Policy as a result:
We see contemporary refutations by famous figures such as Mark Twain, that were clearly ignored in favor of the "White Man" which in the USA was quite literal. "Predestination" was the idea that White Christians were beloved by God, and that God had made the world for White Men to rule".
This was such a common theme in those days that it was used to literally steal land from the natives. Really good evidence of how effective Christianity is as a moral spine to humanity in my thinking.
Just look at President Jackson's Message to Congress "On Indian Removal", December 6, 1830;
We must admit that not just some, but most of our forefather's were selfish and racist people who had been indoctrinated by their conservative peers and teachers.
The reason I bring this poem up specifically is I found it in a Biology textbook. Which Biology textbook? Why only one of the most famous textbooks in history that no one remembers,:
A Civic Biology: Presented in Problems (usually referred to as just Civic Biology) was a biology textbook written by George William Hunter, published in 1914
Excerpt from The Economic Value of Trees. Protection and Regulation of Water Supply. : "It was such a strange, tremendous story, that of the Greek Poseidonia, later the Roman Pæstum. Long ago those adventuring mariners from Greece had seized the fertile plain, which at that time was covered with forests of great oak and watered by two clear and shining rivers. They drove the Italian natives back into the distant hills, for the white man's burden even then included the taking of all the desirable things that were being wasted by incompetent natives, and they brought over colonists—whom the philosophers and moralists at home maligned, no doubt, in the same pleasant fashion of our own day. And the colonists cut down the oaks, and plowed the land, and built cities, and made harbors, and finally dusted their busy hands and busy souls of the grime of labor and wrought splendid temples in honor of the benign gods who had given them the possessions of the Italians and filled them with power and fatness. "
Now one instance doesn't make a pattern, but that is clearly not a scientific phrase. Why is this Biology textbook, which was used to force schools to teach science, reinforcing a view that was known at the time to be wrong? Not only was this view known to be wrong, it had been known for at least 50 years.
At this point we can just accept that Christianity was only used as a way to excuse horrendous treatment of "savages", and that the people alive at the time knew this was true. The supporters of predestination at the time most likely were as vehement in their correctness as the neo-nazis of now.
So what is the picture I am painting? Why is this not in chronological order?
I am going to show you that not only is there a constant theme of "denying reality" among conservatives in the United States, but that it was purposeful refutation of correct information (truth).
Andrew Jackson did not consider the native population as human:
"And is it supposed that the wandering savage has a stronger attachment to his home than the settled, civilized Christian? Is it more afflicting to him to leave the graves of his fathers than it is to our brothers and children? Rightly considered, the policy of the General Government toward the red man is not only liberal, but generous. He is unwilling to submit to the laws of the States and mingle with their population. To save him from this alternative, or perhaps utter annihilation, the General Government kindly offers him a new home, and proposes to pay the whole expense of his removal and settlement."
I can say Jackson didn't consider "the red man" as human, because despite this claim that the "red man" would be relocated and all costs covered Jackson would end up authorizing the murder of many natives during his presidency. Just look at how Jackson promoted an incorrect view of the Native American people being "wandering savages" with no connection to the land.
"Whatabout" arguments bring up questions of "ownership", inheritance of land among Native American Tribes, and wars among the Tribes just before the "settling" of the Americas. My counter to this is the same as always, according to your logic if I want your house I just need to prove you haven't owned it "very long".
This argument is at its core insisting that the ownership of a landmass depends on how recently the government on that landmass changed leadership. The fact is that the native American people had been living on the continent without european intervention for at least 1,000 years:
Just for example he Connestee people, believed to be ancestors of the Cherokee, occupied western North Carolina circa 200 to 600 CE
This means that the Cherokee have a stronger claim to England than the English according to the "recent ownership theory", since the people the English descended from didn't arrive in England until after 400 CE:
Honestly if you or anyone you know believes the ridiculously common conservative argument, please point out to them that based on the concept of ownership being based on time spent in a region, the Native American people owned half the world before the English stood up their bastion of failing Rome in the United Kingdom. Not only that, but the Native American people had a rich history that quite literally was all but destroyed between the 16th and 18th centuries.
Jesus H Christ, if you want to see even more proof that we have simply trained ourselves to be idiotic, look at this History Channel Page that supposedly tells the timeline of the Native American People:
It starts in 1492! That is not a history of the native american people, that is a history of European interaction with the Native American People's. This is a perfect example of how our common knowledge and supposed history is just conservative garbage.
Looking at the actual Wikipedia page (look out for conservative Christian revisionism), we see that the people who populated the American continents lived there for millenia. "Western Christian Civilization" wasn't even a shitstain in homo sapiens diaper when the American continents were fully settled and replete with grand empires.
Not only did Jackson purposefully mis-inform the American people about the selfishness and evil of the "Indian Removal Act", but he used similar misinformation tactics to disguise other political agendas:
" Mexico, having for six years carried on against Texas a marauding war only, and that upon the most savage principles, inconsistant with all principles of civilised warfare, and against which all civilised nations which have acknowledged the Independence of Texas ought to unite, and by peaceful means, if it could, put it down, and if this could not be obtained peaceably, then all civillised and christian powers are bound to unite upon christian principle to put an end to this savage and inhuman war. The United States having been the first nation that acknowledged Texian Independence, are we not bound to be the first to boldly step forward to put an end to this savage maurading war. I think so. Texas harassed, and her means of war limitted presents herself to the united states to be annexed to, and protected by the United States. There being no embodied army marching against Texas for reconquest, great Britain trying to obtain the Liberation of the slaves in Texas for the avowed purpose of coercing the south and west into this measure by destroying the vallue of this property and opening a way for our slaves to run away to Texas, is [it] not time for the south and west to take the alarm, and as Texas has presented herself for voluntary annexation, which at once shuts the door against this impending evil, and secures Neworleans in case of a war with England, can it be, could it be, that any one could seriously suppose that the whole south and west would not unite upon this important subject, and with one voice cry out annexation. "
"I am very feeble, but excited by the subject, mortified at Mr. V.B. letter and Col. Bentons, for their is no evidence of ever the time being more propitious than the present, the necessitous situation of Texas, the prospects of the encouragement posponement will give to Mexico, with the secrete aid of great Britain and the consequences, makes my tears flow with regret. Texas may feel herself insulted and neglected by the refusal of the U. States and make a treaty with great Britain ruinous to the south west and to the safety of the Union, when we will have to fight both great Britain and mexico—on such an event what curses must fall upon all who refused to receive Texas."
It's almost like Andrew Jackson was a Racist, who while opposed / refuted by some of his contemporaries, the average American clearly supported Predestination.
It is no wonder that with this amount misinformation use already present by the 7th President we see a President today who does nothing but lie. Since conservatives value Opinion over Truth we can no longer trust anything that they claim, and we shouldn't have been letting these views infect out people for this long to begin with.

Special Interest Groups Damaged our Government:

This should be a perfectly reasonable debate with no partisanship or issues of religion / emotion (/s).
This is going to be a shit show, just be prepared.
Academics have almost universally responded poorly to this hypothesis, that the American People have been Miseducated for Generations.
It is quite possible that the misinformation campaigns which turned our nation into an "Idiocracy" were not exclusive to education centers.
Searching through the NY Times you can find many examples of Christian special interest groups attacking politicians for failing to align with their goals:
1832 Wig Paper lauding the destruction of Irish Culture- Constitutional Whig. [volume], September 28, 1824
1841 Indiana State sentinel. [volume], October 19, 1841: 1841 anti-irish sentiment

1840 - Mr. Van Buren has shown he is in favor of Free Negroes and Slaves to swear in Court against WHITE MEN! (emphasis theirs) The Hawk-eye and Iowa patriot., September 10, 1840
1842 article noting the South's prediliction for lynching, and arguing that good christians are not racist
1856 - christian editor taken to court for printing abolitionist sentiments in Va
1907 -white people are great even when they oppress their dark skinned brothers
1919 - princeton journal reference to "Irish need not apply". If you are of Irish heritage, your ancestors were called "white The Princeton union. [volume], December 04, 1919, Page 4
1949 - A congressman from Ohio tells other Congressmen he had never seen any segregation:
2005 - The United States is still fighting idiots pushing their religion in tax funded schools:

Textbooks which Promoted Conservative Christian Political Goals

1842 - The Religious instruction of the Negroes in the United States
ORIGIN on THE AMERICAN INDIANS. Hence it seems, at first glance, almost impossible that it should have been reached, in an age when ships Were small‘ and frail, when the mariner’s compass was unknown and the sailor dared not trust himself out of sight of land. This led men to suppose that the inhabitants of America did not descend from Adam and Eve, but from a race previously created. Such a theory’ is plainly contrary to the Bible record, nor is it needed to account for the settlement of America. .8. Later discoveries have brought to light a fact unknown to geographers three hundred years ago, that America wi- dens rapidly in the north, and there juts out into the ocean till it comes within thirty-six ‘miles of Asia. , As a current sets -towards the American shore, the passage thither can be readily made even in rude vessels. Boats may have been driven over by stress of weather, and the continent thus have been discovered without design. But there was a still‘ easier means of communication. In severe seasons, ,Behring’s Strait is frozen over. , ‘Many varieties of animals have passed on the ice from one continent to the other; and the first occupants of America, led by curiosity, or driven by violence,- may have reached the new world in the same manner. 9. At what time this event took place, we are not informed. History makes no mention of it. It is probable that it occurred at an early date, not many centuries after the dispersion at Babel and the consequent emigration from the plain of Shi’nar.
1875 Analysis of Civil Government
There is little need of comment "on this clause‘‘.‘‘ No “man can Well doubt the propriety of placing a President of the" United States’ under the most solemn obligations to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. It is "a suitable ‘pledge of his fidelity and responsibility to his 'country', and creates upon his conscience a deep ‘sense duty, by an appeal at once, in the presence of God and man, to the most sacred and solemn sanctions Which can operate upon the human mind
Oath. A solemn aflirmation or declaration, before a competent tribunal or ofiieer, to tell the truth, appealing to God for the truth of what is asserted.
1875 - Politics for young adults
TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS. to be a good citizen of the United States one ought to be imbued with the spirit of Christianity, and to believe in and act upon the teachings of Jesus. He condemned self-seeking, covetousness, hypocrisy, class distinctions, envy, malice, undue and ignoble ambition
Old textbooks:
ATTITUDES REVEALED IN SUBJECT MATTER Since geography textbooks dealt extensively with people and customs, the opportunity was great for authors to reveal their attitudes regarding the various peoples and their ways of living. In many geographies, especially in the earlier ones, the content revealed that the attitudes of the authors were often biased. Religious Attitudes. The earliest geographies were written when our country was still dominantly Protestant and the academic leaders were either trained as ministers or at least deeply religious. J edidiah Morse and Elijah Parish were both Congregational ministers. Not even all Protestant groups were equally respected. For example, in the first American written geography, Morse in 1784 referred to the Presbyterians and Lutherans as “numerous and respectable.” Parish, in enumerating the religious groups, began with small letters the words Baptists, Methodists, Quakers, and Catholics, but began with capital letters Presbyterian, Congregationalists, and Lutherans. ‘ Many of the early books particularly contained unfavorable comments about other religions than Protestants. Morse in his 1790 edition referred to Roman Catholicism in Spain as “of most bigoted, superstitious, and tyrannical character.” Dwight (1806), Parish (1810), and Adams (1818) used the term “Pop- ery” in referring to Roman Catholicism. Davies (1805) claimed that the priests in Ireland ruled with “blind superstition and ignorance.” Many other early geographies contained similar statements. Later several geography textbooks were written by Catholic
GEOGRAPHIES Q13 authors which were equally biased against Protestantism. Among these were texts by Pinnock (1853) and Sadlier (1880). The latter, in referring to religious conditions in Ireland, said: England abandoned the Catholic faith in the 16th century, and to this country belongs the ignoble distinction of having oppressed and persecuted the Irish nation with a barbarity unparalleled in the history of man’s inhumanity to man. Most Protestant authors referred to the Protestants in Euro- pean countries with respect. Parish (1810) said, “The Scotch clergy are men of learning and piety.” Woodbridge (1835) said, in referring to the Scots, “They are remarkable for knowledge and morality, produced by their numerous schools, and their at- tention to public worship.” In referring to non-Christian religions, likewise, uncompli- mentary statements were often made. A number of authors re- ferred to Mahomet as an “imposter.” Morse (1800) wrote: “In a word, the contagion spread over Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Persia; Mahomet, from a deceitful hypocrite, became the most powerful monarch in his time.” Warren in 1872 referred to Mohammed as a “false prophet.” Uncomplimentary statements were also made about the religions in Japan and India. Reform Attitudes. The teaching of religion and morality was really the chief aim of education in early American schools. This aim was even dominant. in geography textbooks. Thus many forms of behavior which the authors considered immoral were severely condemned. Alcohol. Morse (1790) believed “in proportion as the use of beer increases, in the same proportion will the use of spiritous liquors decrease. This will be a happy exchange.” Parish (1810) condemned the “numerous Taverns,” and “grogshops.” Several condemned the sale of liquors to Indians.
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2020.09.08 02:16 Wannabe-Wizard-1007 A Bittersweet End to My First Great CK3 Dynasty

A Bittersweet End to My First Great CK3 Dynasty
God Save the Empress
For the first time, I have reached the end date of a Crusader King's playthrough. It is clique to say, but really CK3 blows me away. I was able to go from Petty King of Munster in 1066 to the Emperor of Celtica (Britannia), and that process was all done with a greater sense of character than even my favorite CK2 Playthroughs.
It felt like each ruler had their unique personality, and each of these rulers caused the dynasty/kingdom to grow or fail. It is beyond cool to go from the heroic founders of the dynasty to despotic rulers who rule the kingdom with an Iron fist which is later softened by a line of more enlightened Monarchs and then to end it all with the ruthless conquering of the Isles to forge an Irish empire.
By the end of the playthrough, it was also cool to see your family spread around the world. I had dynasty members ruling the Empire of France, the Kingdom of Sweden, and the Kingdom of Italy.
Plus it is always fun to see the kind of wild stuff that can happen, like how Insular Christianity became the majority Christian faith by the end of the game or when a Spanish Muslim was the King of England for a hot second.
I cannot wait to do another playthrough in this game and what other future things will be added to it over time.
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2020.09.04 02:29 SleekVulpe Insular Christian into Catholic

Is there any event or decision that pops up to encourage Irish Insular Christians to become Catholic after a certain date? Or will they be Insular forever unless converted? Just curious as I know being Catholic is a large part of Irish national identity today and it would be odd if they don't have the option to go down the historical route or stay Insular. Unless I misunderstand the history there.
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2020.09.01 06:17 Revolutionary_Voice5 How I Would Have Booked: Wrestlemania 36

First off, Hello, this will be my first post in general. I am a huge fan of professional wrestling, my most common is WWE which i grew up watching. With that out of the way, I will be taking a look back at WM36 which took place in the performance center due to the initial worldwide outbreak of covid-19 in March. Despite some critics crapping on the show prior to the date, they delivered a great show and made the most of the situation.
However, despite it's goodness, some storylines fell flat and I know it should have been booked way better in the prior months leading up to it. Therefore, I believe I can make it a way better story driven card and better booked. Please hold back harsh criticism as this is my first booking. Ill explain each match and build up all the story lines going all the way back to the night after Mania last year.
Note: Covid-19 doesn't occur in this booking. With that let's get to it! Also, in this universe, the wild card rule doesn't exist either because it was dumb and took away from the draft logic.brand locations after the shakeup account for here too and the draft remains the same except with a few starts not switching brands such as Andrade and Lars Sullivan.
2nd Note: The IC tittle does not get a new design because i personally hated the new one compared to the original white belt.
3rd Note: Teams such as SaNiTy (Moves to Raw), The Riott Squad (Stays on Raw), and Chad Gable and Bobby Roode (Moves to Smackdown), and The Bar (Stays on Smackdown) don't get split apart. Other teams such as The Usos and Lucha House Party stay on Raw. The War Raiders are not called up either and remain on NXT for the long run with the tag belts.

Raw's Storylines

WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre
I refuse to change the booking as this was the perfect match to set up for the show and the buildup was done excellent. Lesnar still wins the WWE tittle from Kingston but in a actual match that lasts around seven minutes until Kingston can't fight off Lesnar to avoid making him look week. McIntyre still turns face in January and wins the rumble just like he had. Lesnar still enters and dominates the other 13 guys except for Keith Lee who manages to give a fighting effort, and a few stars that didn't deserve to get buried like John Morrison and Cesaro do not enter early on. McIntyre still eliminates Lesnar without help from Ricochet and sets up the start of their feud. In the following months, Paul Heyman attempts to sway McIntyre away from facing Lesnar as he has no idea what Lesnar can do to anyone who steps up to him but McIntyre ignores and continues to build himself as a threat defeating superstars such as Lashley, Baron Corbin, Erick Rowan, MVP, and Seth Rollins.
McIntyre's past failures and shortcomings are mentioned by Heyman as he seemingly starts to get into his head. McIntyre, however, reverses this and says that he has come along way since his original run mentioning his run in NXT and his change of character and physique and that he never had to resort to Lesnar's weaknesses. All of this over the course of February and March shows Lesnar becoming more and more alarmed and feeling more and more threatened with each week passing and McIntyre building momentum with his in ring work and with the fans. On the final Raw prior to Mania, McIntyre corners Heyman but Lesnar appears and beats McIntyre down using a steel chair repeating this over and over again. To mock McIntyre for his past in 3MB, he F5's him on the barricade just like he had done 7 years prior when he attacked him, Mahal, and Slater on a episode of Raw in 2013. Lesnar does the 3MB pose over his body as McIntyre sits there in severe pain from the beating.
United States Championship Match: Ricochet (c) vs. Aleister Black (Falls Count Anywhere)
Samoe Joe should have had a more legitimate reign, Joe never drops the belt to Mysterio at MITB 2019 and doesn't enter a feud with Ricochet until later in the summer. Black and Ricochet get split up in the shakeup and Ricochet builds himself up in the months following as Black is relegated to nothing as management seemingly forgets about him Ricochet picks up serious momentum defeating AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, and EC3 en route to challenge Joe for the title at Summerslam. At the event, Ricochet defeats Joe in a underdog like style with two 630 sentons and wins the tittle. Meanwhile, Black fails to find his spot on the card after his feud with Andrade is cut before it can even get started. As Ricochet grows with popularity and mic work with the fans and Black falls to nothing, when the draft rolls around, Black is drafted back to Raw but in the last round of the second night. Black is seen to be cast a afterthought.
In November, Ricochet finds Black sitting alone backstage where Black acts more distant as he stares at the wall until Ricochet snaps him out of it. Seeing that Black has lost himself, he tells Black to ask for a qualifier to fight for team Raw at Survivor Series and show his worth. Black enters the match after defeating Baron Corbin after Corbin attempts to cheat several times and Ricochet arrives and stops him from doing so allowing Black to hit the Black Mass. At Survivor Series, Black is on team Raw and is one of the final two members alongside Rollins. During the match, Black eliminates several superstars such as Damien Priest (NXT) and Mustafa Ali (Smackdown. In the closing moments, Black eliminates Ciampa and Strowman but is eliminated by Reigns. Smackdown still wins the match. Despite failing to win, Black impresses and is congratulated from Ricochet and the duo tags together from there and wins several matches and eventually earns a shot at the Raw tag tittles held by Gallows and Anderson the night after the Royal Rumble.
After Ricochet hits a superkick and prepares 630 to Anderson as Black hits the black mass to Gallows, it appears Black and Ricochet will finally win the gold together when suddenly Blacks hits the black mass on Ricochet as he is on the top rope. Ricochet falls to the ground and Black lays Anderson over top of him as the ref counts the three. After the match, Anderson and Gallows flee as they escape with the belts as Ricochet appears shocked at his friend's betrayal. Black appears emotionless as he proceeds to brutalize Ricochet in the ring.
In the following weeks, Black is seen to have hit a meltdown or sorts as he appears darker. Ricochet is bent on finding out what caused Black's turn but is interrupted by Lashley who has unfinished business with Ricochet following his elimination from the rumble by Black and Ricochet. Ricochet successfully defeats Lashley with a surprise roll up at the Elimination Chamber. After the match, Lashley attempts to attack Ricochet but Black appears and black masses Lashley knocking him out of the ring as he grabs a microphone and finally breaks his silence. Black goes off on Ricochet citing how in NXT, he was the champion that Ricochet wishes he could have been and how Ricochet dragged him down, he tells Ricochet that it should have been him that went over with the fans. Frustrated at his lack of success, Black snapped as he hits three black masses to Ricochet as he holds the United States Championship and points at the WrestleMania sign before leaving.
Black continuously taunts Ricochet and puts him down siting his inability to do anything but do flips and appeal to the fans that will cheer for anything stupid and not what deserves it like himself. On the last raw before Mania, Black brutally attacks superstars such as Sin Cara, Rey Myserio, Humberto Carillo, and others to capture Ricochet's attention. He attacks the superstars in different areas in the arena and challenges Ricochet to take their match all over the arena where everything can be used to destroy each other. Ricochet accepts Black's challenge.
Raw Tag Team Championship: The Club (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson) (c) vs. SaNiTy (Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe) in a 6 man elimination match.
Following Mania 35, The Usos defeat Ryder and Hawkins at Stomping Grounds to win the belts. Afterwards The Usos are attacked The Club fully reunited as Styles had caved in much earlier and joins his boys to attack the champs. Gallows and Anderson won the tag tittles at Clash of Champions and have carried them in the freebird rule alongside Styles. They proceed to defeat the teams of Ryder & Hawkins, LHP, The Ascension, and The Street Profits. After winning against the Profits at the rumble and attacking them afterwards, the lights go out and when they come back on, Gallows and Anderson are out at ringside. Styles finds himself alone in the ring when he turns around to reveal a hooded figure standing on the apron as suddenly two others approach on the opposite sides of Styles as the first figure removes his mask revealing ERIC YOUNG! Dain and Wolfe reveal themselves and storm the ring as the three attack Styles as the crowd pops for their return and this officially turns them face. Eric Young is jumped backstage on the show before EC 2020 and is injured.
At the elimination chamber, SaNity fights the other 5 teams for a shot to face The Club at Mania for the belts and entering the chamber at number one, Wolfe and Dain fight through all the teams and last eliminate The Usos to win. After the match, The Club attacks Dain & Wolfe. During the next few weeks, they taunt Dain & Wolfe during their matches and use their number game to their advantage. Eventually Styles defeats Dain in a highly acclaimed match on Raw to allow all members of the club will battle Dain and Wolfe in a 2 on 3 handicap match unless Young returns in time for the event.
On the final Raw, The Club attacks Wolfe and Dain alone backstage as they proceed to taunt them prior to their final showdown. Styles prepares to fight The Uso's with Gallows and Anderson. It cuts away to reveal Gallows and Anderson attacked backstage as Styles watches. The crazed figure is revealed to be Eric Young with a steel pipe as he attacks. Styles attempts to flee the arena but The Uso's prevent him for escaping as he turns around in the ring to reveal Eric Young with a crazed look in his eyes. Young pummels Styles several times with the pipe as Styles flees throughout the crowd. Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain rise from different areas in the crowd to reveal themselves as Styles flees and sets up the 6 man tittle match officially for the show.
Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (Submission Match)
Shayna enters at 30 and clears house but the only difference is she actually wins the match and eliminates Charlotte to win the match. In the build up, Baszler doesn't bite Lynch's ear and instead taunts the champion the same way she did in the real feud, she also calls Lynch weak after working her ass off to get where she was last year around this time and tells her she lost her edge after she ran out of credible opponents ranting on the weakness of the women's division and says that the main cause of this is because someone like Lynch is champion instead of a real fighter.
Lynch puts away her less serious side and prepares as she retains her Raw Women's tittle in the Elimination Chamber after barely eliminating Asuka. Baszler appears after the match and circles the ring as Lynch watches her. In the coming weeks, Baszler mentions Rhonda Rousey and how she was the perfect example of a fighter and how Becky has used the easy way out and that she would knock her ass out at Mania. Lynch challenges her to a submission match and Baszler accepts as she beats several female raw stars in the weeks to come.
Non Title Raw Feuds

Smackdown Storylines

Universal Championship: The Fiend "Bray Wyatt" (c) vs. Roman Reigns
To fix the awful SSD ending with Goldberg, Goldberg gets murdered by the Fiend and he is defeated in less than a minute. Therefore this sets up the Fiend to face Reigns like it was planned from the start, Wyatt is still booked strong and in this version, he won the title at Hell in a Cell like he should have to start off with. Wyatt holds the title and defeats the same people except his feud with Bryan is scrapped and he defeats Sami Zayn after he mocks the Fiend at Royal Rumble. At Elimination Chamber, Reigns defeats John Morrison in the finals of a tournament to challenge the Fiend at Mania once and for all and try to end his reign of terror.
Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Sami Zayn
In the buildup, Nakamura still wins the IC tittle from Balor at Extreme Rules and gets into a partnership with Zayn, but in this case, Zayn still is a active competitor most of the time and eventually is able to get a one on one shot for the Universal title against The Fiend after he insulted him and mocked his character. Wyatt destroys Zayn but something happens afterwards that had affected The Miz and Rollins the same way. Zayn slowly reverts to his face character as he prevents himself from cheating and often Nakamura. Zayn slowly begins to praise more towards the fans and all of this combined with Nakamura's slow tension building with Zayn, he attacks Zayn and Zayn officially turns face for the first time since 2017. He embraces the fans and does his entrance he use to as he apologizes for his actions and challenges Nakamura to put his tittle on the line at Mania and have a official rematch four years since their encounter at NXT Takeover Dallas. Nakamura is booked strong and doesn't lose to Strowman as him and Zayn are set to clash the same way they did, with Zayn back to his face lovable character and Nakamura to his old style.
Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Authors of Pain (c) vs. The Revival
AOP returns and defeats Bryan and Rowan to win the Smackdown Tag Titles. The other teams of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, Daniel Bryan and EC3, The New Day, and John Morrison and The Miz crumble to them. Eventually, The Revival turn face and step up to take out the Authors of Pain who have redeemed themselves without any manger as The Revival prepare to show the Authors of Pain who the Revival are. The Revival return in November andrevert to pure wrestling and show respect after their matches signaling the turn as AOP runs through the others. Finally in February, The Revival defeat the other teams in a gauntlet and win the chance to fight for the tittles
Smackdown Woman's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks
Sasha will attack Bayley at Elimination Chamber possibly after they lose to the Kabuki Warriors in a match for the Tag Team Championships and Bayley blames the loss on Banks turning face. This sets up Bayley berating Banks and everyone else in the division with Banks calling Bayley out for what she became referencing her downfalls and that Banks would lead another one. Bayley mocks Banks and calls her out on all her failed reigns. In this version, Charlotte never beat Bayley so she has held the title for nearly 9 plus months. Banks attempts to bring Bayley back by showing her the old clips with her and her fans who adored her and fear her now for what she became. Bayley disregards her fans and reminds Banks that she was a bitch. This leads to Banks and Bayley brawling and Bayley escaping setting up the final match.
Not Tittle Feuds

Other Title Matches and Matches

Due to no outbreak, the event isn't cut into two nights but this is perfectly fine. With all of this, let's get into the official card and book this event the way it deserved. Winners will be marked in bold.

WrestleMania 36

Kickoff Show
The Kickoff show is met with four matches for the hour and a half pre-show.
  1. Women's Tag Championships: Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kari Sane) (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. The Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix and Natalya) (12:32) - to kickoff for the live crowd entering the arena, the female tag teams brawl it out in a close contest with several near falls. The match concludes after Asuka reverses a glam slam into the asuka lock and submits Phoenix as Kari Sane takes out Natalya who attempts to break up the submission. Asuka and Sane continue their reign like they should have and continue to rebuild credibility for the tag belts.
  2. Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Chad Gable wins by last eliminating Bobby Roode (11:54) - One of the many arcs for the match during its buildup is the tension growing between Roode and Gable due to Gable growing more and more popular with the fans due to his strength, moveset, and look. This is further backed up when Gable nearly wins the king of the ring tournament but falls short to Baron Corbin but still earns the crowds support. Roode knows Gable is growing more popular and that he will be outshines so he consistently reminds Gable he wouldn't be able to flourish on his own due to his past career spent only in tag teams. Gable goes with Roode and the two survive together throughout the entire match eventually coming down to them and Andrade, Baron Corbin, and Jeff Hardy. Andrade eliminates Hardy and Gable eliminates Andrade and Corbin with a double suplex that sends them both over the top rope and receives a huge reaction from the crowd. Roode and Gable stand together as Roode tells Gable to eliminate himself and let the glorious one bask in his victory. As it looks like Gable will surrender to his partner, he super kicks Roode and finally breaks away as he screams it took him 4 years to get his own WrestleMania moment and his night would be tonight. He delivers two more super kicks before he close lines Roode over the top rope to win the match as the crowd embraces Gable as he celebrates his Mania moment as Roode is still shocked. Gable wins this match and wins a short feud against Roode and begins his run as a strong mid-carder on Smackdown.
  3. The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (16:02) - This match is highly action packed. The Bar fail to gain chemistry against the sheer power from Rowan and Harper but they come more and more together as the match goes along and save each other from getting double team several times. Eventually after a miscommunication causes Harper to superkick Rowan, Sheamus bro kicks Harper out of the ring allowing them to have the advantage. The Bar hits the Irish curse elbow drop to finish off Rowan and the duo win their last match together as they embrace after the match and part ways.
  4. Women's Battle Royal: Bianca Belair wins by last eliminating Nia Jax - Not much goes into this match but Nia Jax returns before Mania and announces herself as the winner of the match already and Belair appears a surpise entrant. In the match, Jax eliminates a good amount of the competition as does Belair, Ruby Riott, and Tamina. It appears Jax and Tamina will team up but Jax turns on Tamina and eliminates her as Belair eliminates Riott who is shown to be very desperate to win. It appears as if Jax will overpower Belair but she she uses her K.O.D hair whip to incapacitate Jax to the ground, with a last ditch of fight, Jax charges at Belair and knocks her over the rope but Belair remains on the apron. Jax realizes this and goes to yank Belair off the rope but Belair dodges her grapple and uses one last K.O.D to stun Jax. Belair holds the rope low and lifts Jax over and eliminates her as she wins the match to a decent pop.
Main Show
The actual show starts off with the performance of the national anthem and the fireworks set off within Raymond James Stadium to officially start the event. Christian serves as the host of WrestleMania as he welcomes the crowd to a pop considering he resides in Florida and of his past fame. He takes the position mainly to monitor Edge and embrace the crowd once again.
  1. Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (Submission Match) (12:03) - The match picks off intense with Lynch firing back against Baszler and showing she had prepared for her intense style, initially Baszler looks to be in trouble but after a while, Lynch slowly over exasperates herself as Baszler picks up her intensity and attempts to drop Lynch with a armbar of her own but Lynch hits the bexploder suplex and regains control. In the closing few moments, Baszler delivers a jumping knee and four Yokosuka Cutters as Lynch crawls to the rope, Baszler steps on her hand to prevent her from escaping. Lynch spins on the ground and knocks Baszler to the ground and pounces on her and puts her in the dis-arm-her as Baszler attempts to fight out of it. However, Lynch fails to put Baszler away and she rolls out of it after playing dead and locks her in the ace of spades. Lynch makes it back to her feet but with all her energy gone, she collapses and succumbs to the submission as she passes out and Baszler keeps the hold applied even after the bell. The ref separates Baszler and checks on her as Baszler is crowned the new champion as she smiles sadistically and laughs at Lynch who is out. Baszler holds the belt over Lynch. Baszler goes over strong and Lynch announces her pregnancy soon after and leaves leaving Baszler as the new bad ass of the division and to start her own great run.
  2. The Miz vs. John Morrison (9:43) - Miz attacks Morrison before the bell and takes Morrison down to one knee as he tells the ref to start the match. During the early part, Miz blocks off Morrison's attempts to use the ropes to his advantage and targets his legs and midsection. Miz throws Morrison into the turnbuckle and grabs a mic to mock Morrison and state how far he has fallen. Morrison rallies behind this built up anger from Miz ruining his initial run and when Miz fails to notice him returning to his feet, Morrison springboards onto Miz and knocks him down and hits several signature moves onto the Miz who attempts to battle the new fire in Morrison. Eventually, Miz attempts the skull crushing finale but Morrison superkicks Miz after doing a handstand flip to move away. Morrison uses the rope to gain momentum and hits the running dive knee as he then hits starship pain to put away Miz.
  3. Raw Tag Team Championship: The Club (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows) (c) vs. SaNiTy (Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe) (10:04) (6 man elimination match) - After The Club targets Dain first and keeps Young or Wolfe from stopping their assault, it appears it will be a quick match for the Club, however, Dain fights back and Young and Wolfe get their game on. Eventually, the three members of SaNiTy take Styles out and throw him through the announce table. Alone without the numbers game, Gallows and Anderson are mauled by SaNity and are eliminated first with a dive from Dain to Anderson and then Gallows with a devastation double team from Wolfe and Dain. Styles notices he is alone as the trio swarm him. Styles attempts to throw in the towel and award the match to them but the three ignore and attack Styles. In the ring, the group takes their turns hitting Styles with their finishers before they finally finish him with a stairway to chaos and Young pins Styles as Dain and Wolfe stand and embrace the crowd on the nearby middle ropes and are awarded the championships as Styles in taken from the ring by Gallows and Anderson.
  4. Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler (4:01) - Once again, nothing is changed. The only difference is the match is shorter and Otis kicks Ziggler's ass and him and Mandy embrace to a pop and kiss in the ring with Tucker after Ziggler and Deville are taken out.
  5. Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy vs. Kevin Owens and Cedric Alexander (14:37) - This match is all action as Murphy and Alexander start things off fast paced, the match picks up for the advantage to Rollins and Murphy after Owens is taken out. Cedric hits a few big moves to Rollins for some near falls and receives the pop from the crowd. Eventually, the numbers catch up to Alexander as Seth hits a blackout and it about to win when Owen storms a comeback from the outside and does a splash from the top rope to avoid the count. Owens hits offense against Murphy and Rollins both and eventually a double team move from the pair is stopped when Owens and Alexander double superkick Murphy off the top turnbuckle leaving Rollins. Rollins attempts to hit a high knee to Owens but Alexander superkicks him as Owens catches him with a stunner as he drops him. Owens signals to Alexander to climb to the top rope as the crowd cheers. Alexander hits a moonsault to Rollins and then a middle rope dive onto Murphy outside as Owens covers Rollins for the win. The duo celebrate with the fans after the match as Rollins looks on with anger.
  6. Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Sami Zayn (20:03) - These two clash in a absolute classic with Zayn going back to his face like offense using his middle apron ddt and his springboard over the top rope. Shinsuke goes back to his original strong style that was taken away on the main roster and the two give a rematch that blows the house down. Near fall after near fall brings the crowd to their feet. The match comes to a end when Mura taunts a downed Zayn preparing for the Kinshasa. All of a sudden, Zayn springs to life and delivers a helluva kick that surprises Nakamura. He proceeds to throw Nakamura into the three other corners and hits three more helluva kicks and pins Nakamura to the crowds delight and embraces the crowd with a crowd dive as he holds his first main roster title as Nakamura is left in shambles.
  7. NXT Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (16:15) - The match they originally had was excellent so the match stays the same, only difference is the ending. Charlotte attempts a top rope moonsault but Ripley catches her mid jump and delivers a sudden and quick riptide and pins her to a pop from the crowd. Ripley deserved to hold the title longer and Charlotte never needed this to begin with but it was a great match and this time, the right person won.
  8. Lars Sullivan vs. John Cena (3:21) - Cena enters the ring and right away lunges at Sullivan firing hard to knock the giant to his feet. Cena hits a AA and applies the stfu but Sullivan quickly shows his strength and throws Cena off once he gets back to his feet. Cena does everything possible to take out Sullivan but in order to show Sullivan's dominance and future status, he hits several bodyslams before hitting Cena with a freak accident as he lays his foot on top of Cena and wins the match quickly and clean.
  9. Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Authors of Pain (c) vs. The Revival (22:12) - Once again, these guys dominate the art of tag wrestling and the duos battle it out in a very NXT style match. The match looks to be a close one for AOP but the Revival rally together and reverse the last chapter causing Akam and Rezar to stumble into each other, Wilder and Dawson take Rezar out as Akam rallies to fight both of them but after a double knee shot, the pair hits a shatter machine from the rope as both cover Akam and win the titles ending AOP's dominant reign.
  10. Daniel Bryan vs. EC3 (15:27) - A evenly matched fight between the former pro and rookie is excellent and EC3 and Bryan hit move after move attempting to out perform the other. EC3 pans to the crowd a lot as Bryan makes him pay for it. Bryan attempts to hit a running knee and then applies the lebell lock but EC3 fights out. Bryan attempts to hit a running knee again to floor EC3 but he dodges and performs a high knee to stun Bryan. EC3 drops Bryan with the one percenter and pins his former teacher. Following the match, it appears EC3 will attack Bryan but instead he offers a hand to him and when Bryan accepts, the two embrace together as Bryan admits defeat. EC3 holds up Bryan's hand as Bryan leaves the ring to let the winner enjoy his first Mania moment.
  11. United States Championship: Ricohet (c) vs. Aleister Black (Falls Count Anywhere) (18:05) - This match is nothing short of brutal and intense. Black and Ricochet fight through the crowd and through the back in a fast paced encounter. Ricochet fires his aggressive side to evenly match the new dark side of Black and delivers a 630 to Black from the top of the production truck. Black shows no will to quit and breaks out at 2. The battle travels through the backstage area. The two battle it back out through the crowd as they approach the upper level of the arena with a railing between them and the ground, Ricochet prepares to superkick Black over the top but Black rises and hits a strong knee to stun Ricochet who was close to victory. Black hits a black mass which knocks Ricochet over the rail and to the ground below. Black climbs over and hops down as he covers his former friend to win the US title and prove he was superior as he smiles as the ref awards him the victory as the crowd cheers him despite being a heel since he would be over.
  12. Edge vs. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing) (25:40) - The match is about the same with the same spots mostly but is cut short by quite a bit. Eventually the fight ends up on the stage where Orton prepares to punt kick Edge and re-injure his neck. However, Randy Orton attacks Christian as he prepares give a rko to him off the stage through a table he had set up earlier. Orton is about to finish Christian off when he smiles when Orton realizes he was tricked into losing focus. Edge appears behind the pair as Orton tries to react quickly but Edge screams and spears Orton off the stage through the table and the production crates as Christian watches from the stage. At 8, a hand emerges and it's revealed to be Edge as he rises to his feet, however, Orton is seen attempting to crawl to his feet as well but Orton collapses and Edge returns just in time to make the count as him and Christian embrace on the stage together once again.
  13. Universal Championship: The Fiend "Bray Wyatt" (c) vs. Roman Reigns (7:07) - Reigns enters to a course of boos expecting him to dethrone Wyatt and take the title and Wyatt enters to a ring of cheers. Reigns brings quick offense to the Fiend and surprises the crowd with three spears but Wyatt rises to his feet. Roman quickly wears himself out within the six minutes as Wyatt looks to be at his strongest point. Reigns is obliterated by The Fiend who mauls him as he makes Reigns pass out to the mandible claw. Instead of being booed, the Fiend is applaud as the crowd cheers him on as he crawls over Reigns and stares over him.
  14. Undertaker vs. Elias (0:54) - Before the match, Elias appears in the crowd singing a song mocking Undertaker about his age and recent failures his match against Goldberg in Saudi, the lights in the arena fade to black as Elias yells for being cut off, suddenly Elias is shown with a spotlight on himself. He appears horrified as a druid appears to be coming towards him as he rushes to escape through the stage but finds another druid blocking his escape as he rushes with his guitar towards the stairs out of the area when he sees another pair of druids coming down towards him. Elias who is now scared rushes towards the ring and in the middle as the ring is surrounded with druids, 24 to be exact. Elias prepares to swing his guitar at one who enters the ring. He stops after the figure removes their mask revealing it to be himself but with no emotion across his face. Elias freezes in his place when suddenly the lights go out completely and come back on revealing Elias to be alone with no sign of the druids as he appears shocked and blurry eyed. Unaware that Undertaker is behind him, the referee rings the bell and Undertaker attacks Elias with two choke slams and then finally a tombstone piledriver to win. Elias is left in the ring scared to death as Undertaker rises victorious. The lights go out once more as Elias screams out but can't be seen. When the lights come back on, both he and Taker are gone and all that remains in the ring is Elias's guitar which has now been destroyed.
  15. Smackdown Woman's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks (18:00) - In the final moments, Banks delivers a double knee drop and Bayley hits a bayley to belly. The match appears to be on Sasha's side when Bayley indirectly knocks out the referee. Bayley attacks Banks with several dive attacks and goes to grab her title which she prepares to use to finish her off. Bayley attempts to smash Banks with the belt but Banks dodges the attack and applies the banks statement. Bayley attempts everything to escape the hold but Banks uses all of her might to submit Bayley as she eventually taps out. After the match, Bayley is furious and berates the crowd and Banks but is hit in the face with the belt and knocks her off the apron by who embraces the universe as Bayley in a rage is left on the ramp furious.
  16. WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre (4:37) - Despite the injuries sustained, McIntyre ready's himself for the fight. As soon as the bell rings, Lesnar hops right away to attack McIntyre's middle with gut attacks in the corner and several suplexes. He hits three F5's and is believed to have ended McIntyre's run to the top but he kicks out. Lesnar attempts another F5 but McIntyre rallies back feeding off the crowds energy as he throws Lesnar off him, Lesnar is shocked at the change of pace and is hit with four consecutive claymores and a future shock DDT as McIntyre crawls to the cover and is crowned the new WWE champion to a humongous pop. McIntyre appears very emotional as he handed the championship with tears in his eyes showing his transformation and strong work. He receives a standing ovation from the crowd as confetti rains down as McIntyre poses on the top rope holding the title in one hand and raising it high as Lesnar and Heyman walk away in shame.
With that, that is how I would have booked WrestleMania 36 with a crowd and with a ton of buildup. Please comment what you thought and any future ideas you might have for me to book.
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2020.08.21 22:50 CindyMorrisonwatts1 {Discussion} Understanding Excalibur; the Sword of Power

{Discussion} Understanding Excalibur; the Sword of Power

Understanding Excalibur; the Sword of Power
Excalibur, in Arthurian legend, King Arthur’s sword. As a boy, Arthur alone was able to draw the sword out of a stone in which it had been magically fixed.
This account is contained in Sir Thomas Malory’s 15th-century prose rendering of the Arthurian legend, but another story in the same work suggests that it was given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake and that, when the king lay mortally wounded after his last battle, he ordered the faithful Sir Bedivere to go to the water and throw the sword into it. An arm rose to catch it, brandished Excalibur three times, and then disappeared.
Sir Bedivere returning Excalibur, Arthur's sword, to the lake from which it came, illustration by Aubrey Beardsley for an edition of Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur.
There was a famous sword in Irish legend called Caladbolg, from which Excalibur is evidently derived by way of Geoffrey of Monmouth, whose Historia regum Britanniae refers to Arthur’s sword as Caliburn. Malory says that Excalibur means “cut-steel.”
YouTube video: The Sword Excalibur The Truth Behind
Arthurian legend, the body of stories and medieval romances, known as the matter of Britain, centring on the legendary king Arthur. Medieval writers, especially the French, variously treated stories of Arthur’s birth, the adventures of his knights, and the adulterous love between his knight Sir Lancelot and his queen, Guinevere. This last situation and the quest for the Holy Grail (the vessel used by Christ at the Last Supper and given to Joseph of Arimathea) brought about the dissolution of the knightly fellowship, the death of Arthur, and the destruction of his kingdom.
Stories about Arthur and his court had been popular in Wales before the 11th century; European fame came through Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia regum Britanniae (1135–38), celebrating a glorious and triumphant king who defeated a Roman army in eastern France but was mortally wounded in battle during a rebellion at home led by his nephew Mordred. Some features of Geoffrey’s story were marvelous fabrications, and certain features of the Celtic stories were adapted to suit feudal times.
The concept of Arthur as a world conqueror was clearly inspired by legends surrounding great leaders such as Alexander the Great and Charlemagne. Later writers, notably Wace of Jersey and Lawamon, filled out certain details, especially in connection with Arthur’s knightly fellowship (the Knights of the Round Table).
Using Celtic sources, Chrétien de Troyes in the late 12th century made Arthur the ruler of a realm of marvels in five romances of adventure. He also introduced the themes of the Grail and the love of Lancelot and Guinevere into Arthurian legend. Prose romances of the 13th century explored these major themes further. An early prose romance centring on Lancelot seems to have become the kernel of a cyclic work known as the Prose Lancelot, or Vulgate cycle (c. 1225).
Excalibur is the sword of King Arthur in Sir Thomas Malory's iconic work Le Morte D'Arthur published in in 1485 CE. The sword was originally introduced in Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain (1136 CE) as Caliburnus (or Caliburn) and further developed by later writers before Malory immortalized it in his work. The sword, from its first appearance, is a powerful weapon in the hands of a skilled warrior and retains that reputation in every story which features it.
As with many other magical or powerful swords in legend or mythology, it is identified with a single hero and should not be allowed to fall into the hands of an enemy owing to its inherent power. In the case of Excalibur, when Arthur is dying of his wounds following his battle with Mordred, it must be returned to its source, the Lady of the Lake, rather than being entrusted to whichever knight - no matter how noble - might succeed Arthur as king.
This rule does not always hold true in every version of the legend, however. In the poem Conte du Graal, Provencal poet Chretien de Troyes (c. 1130 - c. 1190 CE) makes Excalibur (called Escalibor) Sir Gawain's weapon. In the Vulgate Cycle (1215-1235 CE) and the Post-Vulgate Cycle (c. 1240-1250 CE) Arthur presents Gawain with Excalibur who then loans it to Lancelot for his defense of Guinevere. Gawain then returns the sword to Arthur for his final battle with Mordred and, afterwards, it must be returned to the Lady of the Lake.
Swords in Mythology
The concept of a "sword of power" did not originate with the Arthurian legend. Greek mythology mentions a number of magical swords and, especially, the harpe used by the titan Cronos to overthrow his father Uranus. Julius Caesar's sword, the Crocea Mors was supposed to have supernatural powers as was the Sword of Mars wielded by Attila the Hun. The Gianjiang and Moye swords of the Chinese Spring and Autumn Period are also supposed to have been imbued with great power by their makers.
In the biblical Book of Genesis, after the Fall of Man, God sets his cherubim to stand watch to the east of the Garden of Eden along with a flaming sword "which turned every way" to prevent Adam and Eve from returning. The Shinto storm god Susanoo finds a magical sword in the tail of a dragon and this eventually became part of the Japanese imperial regalia.
Norse mythology frequently makes use of magic swords, such as Gram, the weapon of Sigmund and his son Sigurd and the Celts wove a number of magical swords into their tales, including the Claiomh Solais (kleeve sollish), the Sword of Light which triumphs over darkness. The 11th century CE Spanish hero El Cid was claimed to have two magic swords and the 8th century CE French champion Roland wielded his famous blade Durendal and fell with it defending the Pass of Roncevaux in the epic Song of Roland.
Although there are these precedents for earlier magical or supernaturally powerful swords, Excalibur is arguably the most famous. It is frequently associated with another Arthurian motif, the Sword in the Stone, but these are actually two different swords.
In some versions of the legend, the Sword in the Stone is broken in Arthur's first battle and is replaced by Excalibur while, in others, the Sword in the Stone substantiates Arthur's right to rule (as only he can draw the blade from the rock) as the son and successor of Uther Pendragon while Excalibur serves as a symbol of his power as king.
The name Excalibur may originate in the work Culhwch and Olwen from the Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh legends, if one accepts a date of composition as c. 1100 CE. The Mabinogion only exists in manuscripts from the 13th and 14th centuries, however, and some scholars date it at 1200 CE. In this tale Arthur's sword is called Caledvwich which derives from the Latin chalybs ("steel" or "iron") and means "hard cleft".
Caledvwich as the name for a sword of power most likely comes from the mythological Irish blade Caladbolg (which means "voracious") carried by the king Fergus mac Roich in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.
Geoffrey of Monmouth calls Arthur's sword Caliburnus in Medieval Latin which is a more direct use of the Latin chalybs as "steel" but denotes a particularly hard or effective blade. Essentially, by the time Geoffrey was writing, the name of Arthur's blade would be understood as "famous sword" or "great sword" because of the earlier associations of chalybs with mythological weapons.
The French poet Wace (c. 1110-1174 CE) translated Geoffrey's work into Old French vernacular and re-named the sword Chaliburn. Chretien de Troyes changed the name to Escalibor. When the Arthurian legend was translated into English, Chaliburn/Escalibor became Excalibur.
Malory, drawing on the Vulgate Cycle, calls Arthur's sword Excalibur shortly after Arthur has found and drawn the Sword in the Stone, linking the name with that weapon, and this association has stuck.
Later, however, once this first sword is broken in battle, it is made clear that Arthur must receive the "true Excalibur" from a mystical source, the Lady of the Lake, and Merlin (who seems to be the magical force behind both swords) guides him to the place where it will be offered to him. No explanation is given as to the meaning, power, or origin of the sword and, in fact, Malory focuses more attention on the scabbard.
Whether presented as the Sword in the Stone or given by the Lady of the Lake, it is clear Excalibur comes from another realm. This motif follows from an established paradigm in Celtic lore of magical weapons, such as the spear of Cuchulain or the sword of Fergus mac Roich, having been forged in a mystical realm.
The same device, however, is used in legends from many cultures around the world. The great swords of Gianjiang and Moye, for example, also have mystical origins. In the case of Excalibur, the sword develops from a mighty weapon to a symbol of divinely inspired justice and redemption. When the weapon is first mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth's work, no magical attributes are ascribed to it.
In Book IX of History of the Kings of Britain, Caliburn is first referenced as "the best of swords, that was forged within the isle of Avallon" and is listed by Geoffrey along with Arthur's other gear as an item of particular importance. As Arthur is preparing to meet the Saxons in battle at Bath, Geoffrey writes:
He did set upon his head a helm of gold graven with the semblance of a dragon. Upon his shoulders, moreover, did he bear the shield that was named Pridwen, wherein, upon the inner side, was painted the image of holy Mary, Mother of God, that many a time and oft did call her back unto his memory. Girt was he also with Caliburn, best of swords, that was forged within the Isle of Avallon; and the lance that did grace his right hand was called by the name Ron, a tall lance and stout, full meet to do slaughter withal.
The Saxons have broken trust with Arthur after they had sworn a treaty of peace and so the battle is a matter of personal honor as well as a necessary defense of his realm. Geoffrey describes a hard-fought battle in which the Saxons hold the high ground and inflict heavy casualties on the Britons under Arthur. The Saxons continue to hold their position until the day is almost gone and then Arthur has finally had enough and leads a final charge on their position himself. Geoffrey writes:
Arthur waxed wroth at the stubborness of their resistance, and the slowness of his own advance, and drawing forth Caliburn, his sword, crieth aloud in the name of Holy Mary, and thrusteth him forward with a swift onset into the thickest press of the enemy's ranks. Whomsoever he touched, calling upon God, he slew at a single blow, nor did he once slacken in his onslaught until that he had slain four hundred and seventy men single-handed with his sword Caliburn. This, when the Britons beheld, they followed him up in close rank dealing slaughter on every side.
Excalibur is described in more or less the same way every time it appears in a story. In Malory's work, when Arthur is attacked by King Lot, he is at first beaten until he unleashes the power of his sword:
Therewith King Lot smote down King Arthur. With that, his four knights rescued him and set him on horseback; then he drew his sword Excalibur, and it was so bright in his enemies' eyes that it gave light like thirty torches. Therewith he put them back and slew many people.

Arthur confronts Lot early in Malory's version of the legend and it seems as though Excalibur is the same sword as the one Arthur earlier drew from the stone. This has caused confusion between two weapons which are often identified as the same but are not.
Excalibur, from the 1981 Film Excalibur. By Eduardo Otubo (CC BY)
The concept of the Sword in the Stone was added to the Arthurian legend by the French poet Robert de Boron (12th century CE) in his Merlin. Robert de Boron presents the sword as anchored in an anvil which later writers changed to a stone. The Vulgate Cycle of the legend differentiates between the sword that Arthur drew from the stone and Excalibur and this tradition is continued in the Post-Vulgate Cycle and repeated in Malory's work.
Although Arthur's sword is identified as Excalibur early in Malory's version, it becomes clear that it is not the true Excalibur since this sword is broken in Arthur's fight with King Pellinore. Pellinore gets the best of Arthur after his sword breaks and tells him to yield but the young king will not. In order to save both their lives, Merlin puts Pellinore to sleep and then takes Arthur to receive the true Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. Arthurian scholar Norris J. Lacy writes:
In certain texts (and in popular Arthurian lore), Excalibur is also the Sword in the Stone, but such an identification is incompatible with the tradition, found, for example, in the Post-Vulgate Cycle and Malory, whereby the sword is given to Arthur (and finally taken from him) by a hand in the lake.
Since Excalibur is defined by its power and strength it cannot be the same weapon which is broken in Arthur's encounter with Pellinore. Even so, according to Merlin, it is not Excalibur which is so extraordinary but its scabbard. Merlin asks Arthur, "Which pleases you better, the sword or the scabbard?" and Arthur answers, "The sword pleases me better." Merlin then rebukes him:
"Ye are the more unwise," said Merlin, "for the scabbard is worth ten of the sword. While ye have the scabbard upon you, ye shall never lose any blood, be ye ever so sorely wounded. Therefore always keep the scabbard with you."
This detail becomes significant later in Malory's version of the story when Arthur's sister, Morgan le Fay, steals the scabbard. She had hoped to defeat Arthur through magic by pitting her lover Sir Accolon against Arthur, giving Accolon the true Excalibur and Arthur a fake (a plot device taken almost directly from the Irish Ulster Cycle). When Arthur's sword breaks he knows it is not Excalibur and manages to defeat and kill Accolon. Morgan takes the magical scabbard in revenge and throws it into a lake; thus dooming Arthur in his final battle with Mordred.
The sword has become more famous than the powerful scabbard and continues as a symbol of Arthur's virtue and power. Later works, including El Cid and the Song of Roland, draw on the symbolism of Excalibur for their heroes. J.R.R. Tolkien's famous trilogy of The Lord of the Rings relies on the symbolism of a sword of power which is broken and must be made whole to convey the concept of the return of the rightful king; a plot device which is similar to the Sword in the Stone motif where the land suffers after Uther Pendragon's death until the legitimate king is able to draw the magical sword from the stone.
More than simply a literary device, however, Excalibur has come to represent the noblest aspects of the Arthurian legend. Although it is always described as a sword of power, that power is wielded in the best interests of the people, of justice, not in the self-interest of the king. Excalibur is given to Arthur through magical means, by the Lady of the Lake; it is not a weapon forged in this world but in another. The sword comes from this other realm and, once Arthur is defeated and dying, it must be returned there. This motif is not unique to the Arthurian legend but is borrowed from Celtic tradition in which the magical weapon must be returned to its source.
In some versions of the story, the knight Sir Girflet, who has survived the final battle between Arthur and Mordred, is given the task of throwing Excalibur back into the lake; in Malory this falls to Sir Bedevere. Whether Girflet or Bedevere, Arthur's command that Excalibur be returned to where it came from goes unheeded twice since the knight he sends on the errand cannot see the sense in throwing away such a noble and powerful weapon.
This failure on the part of one of Arthur's most trusted companions resonates with the Christian story of the betrayal of Christ by Judas, as it is intended to, and points to the same meaning: that the world cannot understand or appreciate the efforts of the divine will to help it rise to more than what it thinks it can be.
Disclaimer: Although gathered from credible sources, some or all of this article may be false. Or some or all may be true. I cannot validate either. Some of the photos and art submitted are from online followers and may not be accurate depictions of the things, people or places they may be referring to. I do not hold any responsibility for submitted photos, art or submitted articles. All art, photos and articles are copyright of their respective creators. This is a thread and subreddit dedicated to mythology and lore and some of the topics and postings here may be completely false, partially false or entirely true. Me and my moderators cannot vouch for either.
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2020.08.17 17:07 READMYSHIT The Creep Dive Episode Guide

Date Title Cassie Sophie Jen Sidebars and guest stars Creep of the Week
1 12/12/2018 Canoe Believe It?? Alan Rickman never read Harry Potter John Darwin faked his own death in a canoeing accident Seamus on ket with Mary McAleese (Twitter thread)
2 12/12/2018 GP-OH My God who is SHE Samantha Azzopardi pays a visit to Ireland. One of many as she scammed her way around the world An outtake from This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor. Woman eats placenta (or blood clots)
3 12/12/2018 A Tale Too Tragic Tania Head, woman who claimed to be a survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11 The Juggalos (Insane Clown Posse) Christians in disguise Reddit Guy meets the Devil. Black Mercedes Cassie reveals she used to be Born Again Christian. Jen's personal Angel, Happy Acres
4 11/01/2019 The American Dream or The American Peen What Ever Happened To: Lorena and John Wayne Bobbit. (Wife cuts off husband's dick after he raped her) Swiss cheese Pervert. Man would like a cheesey wank
5 11/01/2019 11 Lies and Counting Warrior Eli. Epic catfish story of a supermom who turned out to be teenager, Emily Dear Sinead O'Connor and Prince had a pillow fight. Prince takes it too far Jen first reveals she was a catfish/troll
6 11/01/2019 A 17 Year Old Mystery Solved by Sleuths Mystery of Lyle Stevik's suicide solved by DNA Doe Testing Ray's Death Documentary (admission of murder). Lady of the Dunes
7 25/01/2019 A Story Blown Wildy Out of Proportion Jimi Heselden segways into the afterlife. Rebba Burger maimed and killed from a whipped cream thing Lambo. Weird radio book review, hosted by Gay Byrne in which Gery Ryan allegedly kills a lamb A man fashions a flying saucer with helium balloons and sends his son flying off for attention
8 01/02/2019 An Unholy Hypocrite, The Dungarvan Angel of Death Travis the Troubled Teen David Matheson, former gay conversion therapist, comes out as gay Fr Michael Kennedy fakes an AIDS epidemic in Waterford. Gets the attention of Princess Diana Travis, the chimp and Creep Dive mascot (a classic!)
9 09/02/2019 The Greatest Writer that Never Was James Frey, A Million Little Pieces (fake memoir) Story of JT LeRoy (racoon penis) Dan Mallory (fake memoir)
10 15/02/2019 The Randy Mr. Hands How Joe Manuella Found Love, Robert De Niro impersonator Mr. Hands! Guy gets killed from bottoming a horse Ellen Coyne and Cassie become friends via Twitter
11 22/02/2019 The Curious Case of Crack Addict Jimmy(part 1) The Girl Who Predicted Her Own Death Tickling endurance competitions funded my some omnipotent millionaire (who obviously has a fetish)
12 22/02/2019 The Curious Case of Crack Addict Jimmy (part 2) That time the Washington Post had a Pulitzer briefly. Janet Cooke and the 8 year old heroin addict
13 01/03/2019 The Fine Line Between Exoneration and Execution The story of Cameron Todd Willingham (a innocent man sentenced to death) Pissing and menstrating in the Stuart era (not Victorian, Jen)
14 08/03/2019 The MSN Murder Mystery Momo: Online Suicide Game MSN Murder. Girl kill herself after online bullying, turns out to be a neighbourhood mom Elizabeth and Theranos
15 15/03/2019 Who Let the Cat Out The Noid, the Domino's mascot that led to a murder Mary Bale: Cat in the Wheelie Bin Topsy the Elephant: Tesla vs Edison
16 22/03/2019 Oyster Man, A Salacious Sausage Fest and A Con Confidence (Creep Live #1) Nicholas Barclay AKA Frédéric Bourdin (missing child imposter) Armin Meiwes, German cannibal Oyster Man (Dublin creep!)
17 01/04/2019 A Haunted Hormonal Teen, A Slender Bender, A Mother Love to Death (Creep Live #2) Dee Dee Blanchard murder by her daughter, seemingly incapacitated, Gypsy Rose. Enfield Haunting, poltergeist in a North London council house Slenderman possee
18 05/04/2019 Who is Timmothy Pitzen?? Disappearance and reappearance (???) of Timmoth Pitzen Christine Chubbuck, suicide on live TV Ford has a horn for Edison
19 12/04/2019 The Beautiful Lie Florida Man, pancake guy Belle Gibson, noted scammer Coco the Gorilla: artist, photographer and communicator
20 21/04/2019 There's a Catfish in the Water Lincoln Lewis catfish, Lydia Abdelmalek The most awkward book club of all time Girl with no vainga gets impreganted from a knife
21 27/04/2019 A Sasquatch, A Tinder Date With a Cannibal and The Life and Ruin of Anna Nicole Smith The Anna Nicole Smith Story Sasquatch Origin Story
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24 18/05/2019 The Cat’s Out of The Bag for The Internet’s Maddest Man A Catfish Love Triangle (that ends in murder) The Luka Magnotta Story Jeremy Kyle
25 27/05/2019 The Secret Russian ‘Super Army’ and A Fertility Doctor Who Took Things Into His Own Hands Dr. Cline, fertility doctor who takes matters into his own hands Russian science experiment to create super humans (humanzee) Belle Gibson update (ep. 19)
26 01/06/2019 Larry and The Lawnchair of Dreams The eponymous Larry, an instant classic creep (that is not creepy at all) Moby
27 07/06/2019 The World’s Worst Baby Snatcher and The Ill-Prepared Cannibal Another Catfish Love Triangle and Baby Heist Isa Sagawa: A Cannibal in Paris
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64 13/03/2020 The OG Disease Spreader: It's Typhoid Mary Sherry Pie turns out to be a super creep (in a really bad way) and has now caused an editing nightmare for producers. Typhoid Mary, famed asymptomatic carrier Putin brings in a new law so he can rule for forever.
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67 07/04/2020 The long (penis) and short (life) of your favourite covid meme and the mighty Michael that would not die Michael Malloy, the sturdy Irish fella in New York who proved to be un-murderable (well, almost Wardy Joubert, everyones favourite (well-endowed) naked covid meme (who's dead) Harry offically appointed alpha creep!
68 12/04/2020 More Tiger King, a YouTube Doll Debacle and Did Sophie Find D.B. Cooper? Inspired by recent haunted dolls on the hive, Cassie dives into internet sensation, Venus Angelic The Stars of Tiger King: An Epilogue
69 19/04/2020 Snitches get stitches and when internet comments destroy lives Would you provide an alibi for a loved one? Trevor Hardy - The Beast of Manchester (and his brother) The Inception of FaceBook Commentary: tangled history of internet smear campaign Kelsey Grammar maybe into pegging "It's very unfortunate for the mens. Their G-spot is up their ass hole and they're just going to have to get over it." -Cassie Delaney Eamon Holmes (5G) and the gardaí (posting photos of sun bathers)
70 26/04/2020 In The Shadow of the Truth Lies the Statue of Liberty Bling Water! Your water is dead, you fools Lisa helps Sophie with a follow up to Molly from Sophie's previous creep The Mandela Effect. Are we all in hell/purgatory/multiple dimensions/simulated world This episode has more filler than actual creeps but was no less enjoyable. Sophie, my handle is @Harry_birdboy. Cassie, I'll hug you! Gemma O'Doherty
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72 12/05/2020 Beta Theta Pi? More like Beta Theta Die and the Glow Up with Deadly Consequences Beta Theta Pi, Penn State University. Hazing ends in death :( Sophie loves horror. Tells the real life story behind Scream. (Impromtu creep!) Radium Girls!
73 19/05/2020 Walk like a reincarnated Egyptian also that time a squirrel ate some guys nuts Dorothy Eady, the reincarnation of an Egyptian priestess.Cassie is mean to her mother Creep Confectionary is now a thing. Sophie seeds the idea for a Toast Podcast. Sophie presents a gaggle of gals cat-fishing some terrorists Man gets balls eaten by squirrels Jen and Sophie want to host their own Most Haunted. Cassie protests, as usual Camilla and Prince Charles talk dirty
74 26/05/2020 Don't anger a Karen, canal creeps and the parents who put the kid in kidnapping Shannon Matthews, Karen Matthews has her own daughter kidnappped while she plays Xbox Belle Gibson update! She is now Oromo (an Ethiopian ethnic minority). Katherine Knight and her human pelt Riding in a tent on the canal
75 02/06/2020 Freezin’ people ain’t easy, the genuinely geriatric mother and the biggest creeps of the week ever The YouTubers that rehomed their son The oldest woman in the world to give birth (oyster woman). 40 year old stone foetus! Jen finally gets to tell her cryogenics story. Multple strands See Cassie
76 09/06/2020 No name, No luggage, No labels, No answers 1.) In a room at the Oslo Plaza Hotel, a young, elegant woman is found dead, with a gun shot wound to the head. Why did she check in under a false name? Why are the labels removed from her clothes? 2) Death in Ice Valley The gals are reunited!
77 16/06/2020 Guilt or grief? The dark story of Casey Anthony Via Reddit/Sarah. Creepy MSN guy and possibly related swindler Casey
78 23/06/2020 Slumber Murders and The OG Moby Dick Sleep killers The OG Moby Dick
25/06/2020 Creep Hive Sophie's Cock Along! Denis Nilsen:ScottishSerial Killer (and middle child)
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Hulda Ruth Fitzsimons
April 29, 1922 - April 21, 2020
Hulda died unexpectedly in her sleep of natural causes just one week shy of her 98th birthday. She was the youngest of four daughters born to Eva Meta (Umphreys) and Edwin Oscar Beckley in Salem, Ore. With her sisters she was raised on her parents prune and cherry farm a few miles southwest of Salem. They all assisted with domestic and farm chores, including pruning, harvesting on tall ladders and giving their usually mild-mannered father "space" when the wood-fired prune dryer had to be stoked 24 hours/day for several weeks.
"Huds" graduated from Sunnyside Grade School, followed by Salem High School in 1940. Growing up during the Depression she absorbed lifelong lessons on how to stretch a dollar and exercise great creativity with few material resources. "Everybody was poor but we were never hungry" she often said, but they had many neighbors who had fled the Dustbowl, who were hungry, which motivated her later in life to volunteer for Meals on Wheels and other programs. Like her maternal grandmother, a professional dressmaker, Hulda became a talented seamstress, sewing clothing for herself and children on a treadle sewing machine until she purchased a used electric model in 1962. She created intricately finished doll clothes, prom dresses, lined draperies and slipcovers.
Hulda loved music and sang in her high school chorus as well as the choir of First Presbyterian Church in Salem. She attended Linfield College for a year, living in co-op housing with other women, earning her way by ushering at the local movie theater. She could not afford to return after her freshman year but fondly remembered her year at Linfield. As the Depression continued, new disruptions appeared on the horizon: the beginning of World War II and romance with a "city boy", Eric Fitzsimons, whom she knew through their church. The oldest of four children, he had emigrated from Northern Ireland with his parents when he was two years old. Marrying into that boisterous Irish family in 1942 was a lifelong challenge and endless source of amusement for Hulda, and they celebrated 70 wedding anniversaries before Eric's death in 2013.
Their honeymoon was extraordinarily memorable, thanks to a war-related incident. Following their wedding at the little brick church at Camp Rilea, the newlyweds retired to a cabin in Seaside to enjoy Eric's two-day pass. Unfortunately, a Japanese submarine attacked the coast that evening and the couple had only a few hours of nuptial bliss, as the bridegroom was recalled to duty at Fort Stevens.
During the war while her husband remained on active service, Hulda worked a variety of jobs, trying to remain in nearby Seaside. Between jobs she returned to Sunnyside to help her parents. Not long after their marriage, Eric was spending a short leave on the farm when a chimney fire engulfed the home. Hulda awoke and managed to push Eric down the stairs through the smoke and flames. All of their wedding gifts and the house were destroyed but everyone escaped. Eric again returned to duty, while Hulda and her parents moved to Portland where they all found employment, as the Kaiser shipyards began increasing production. After the war Eric used the GI Bill to complete his degree at Willamette University and began a series of teaching jobs in small Oregon towns. He and Hulda also began contributing to the postwar Baby Boom, launching Eileen, Stuart, Alan and Katy into the world.
As a young and energetic homemaker, Hulda applied a wide range of skills to feed, clothe and amuse her growing family with great patience and creativity. She also frequently packed up and moved the family as Eric's teaching career took them to Bay City, Jefferson, Stayton, Cloverdale, Camas, Washington, and finally in 1960, Beaverton. Through all of the tumult Hulda remained calm, organized and quickly settled everyone into a new home. Monthly visits were made to both sets of parents, in Salem and back at Sunnyside, where her father had built a new home after the war with material from the old prune dryer. The family also attended either the local Presbyterian or Methodist church (small towns did not usually have both) and Hulda made sure her children were neatly attired in their Sunday best.
As the children graduated and departed for college and military service, Hulda found part-time jobs using key-punching skills and making home visits as a census taker in rural Washington County. Then in 1971 as she should have been claiming some time for herself, an incident occurred which called on deep reserves of fortitude and faith. Her youngest son Alan was severely burned and blinded in a car crash at the age of 18. Youngest daughter Katy was still at home, Eric was teaching and it fell on Hulda to maintain domestic life while supporting Alan during the 14 months he was in the hospital undergoing skin grafts. During dozens of surgeries she developed a new set of nursing skills in order to change dressings during his many years of recovery.
Finally in the 1980's as Alan progressed to independent living, Katy was in college and Eric had retired, the couple were free to travel. This included many Elder Hostel trips to far flung corners of the U.S. and several visits to the U.K., including spending time with a long-lost brother of Eric's in Northern Ireland. A favorite repeated trip was one to Connecticut for a Gilbert and Sullivan camp. They continued to share their love of music by singing in their church choirs. Hulda also discovered quilting and developed new friendships and skills at monthly meetings. She enrolled in adult writing classes and produced poetry as well as a memoir about growing up in Sunnyside (available on Amazon) entitled "Memories of a Side Hill Gouger." When Eric began playing in the Shrine band they both joined the organization and assumed the honorary titles of Lady Hulda and Noble Eric.
If Hulda's life could be summarized, it would be by the passage in First Corinthians, "Love is patient, Love is kind…" She was quiet but strong; a thoughtful daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, friend, wife and parent. She befriended people less fortunate than herself and tried to find ways to help others. Her Christian faith sustained her throughout her long life, but she was never dogmatic or intolerant of the beliefs of others. She truly earned the title of "Lady Hulda."
Hulda was predeceased by her sisters, Eva, Helen and Dorothy; her husband, Eric; and son, Alan. She is survived by daughters, Eileen Fitzsimons (Gary Blackmer) and Mary K. Fitzsimons; son, Stuart (Cheryl); four grandchildren, Freeman Tong (Mutya), Eva Fitzsimons (Ben Boshears), Vanessa and Jeffrey Fitzsimons; step-grandchildren, James Graves and McKaina Tarker; and one great-grandchild, Vera Faye.
Hulda and Eric's ashes were interred June 20, 2020, in the City View Cemetery, Salem, which would have been their 78th wedding anniversary. A memorial service for Hulda will be scheduled at a future date.
If you would like to see/hear her speaking about her life, just enter Hulda Beckley Fitzsimons on the internet to view a one-hour interview conducted by Linfield College in 2019.
Please sign the online guest book at
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2020.08.07 15:34 TwentyOneDays Promptly shipped, excellently presented, 100% authentic decants! (Zee Frags)

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2020.08.05 20:00 ParadigmThreatNet I never cared much for studying Human History until I realized it was all lies

QA Part 1: An Ancient History we can all agree on

Q: How old is planet Earth, or our Sun, or the Universe according to NASA?
The official answers are 4.543 Billion (Earth) 4.61 Billion (Sun) and 13.8 Billion (Universe).
Q: How is the Age of a Star determined?
The age of a star is primarily determined by profiling it's mass, luminosity & temperature against a standard chart of other stars.
Q: Okay, then how is the Mass of a Star determined?
There is no single way to determine the mass of a star.
Q: What?
You heard me. There's no way to know the mass of a star by looking at it. For example, we can't tell how big something is, how far away it is, or of gravitational lensing is affecting the reading. One has to make assumptions about it's gravitational pull.
Q: Okay, so how is the Gravitational Pull of a Star determined?
A star's gravitational pull is determined by observing "slight variations" in the Star's luminosity
Q: Luminosity determines Mass, which paired with Luminosity & Temperature determines Age? This sounds like circular logic.
Because it is.
Q: Can't we use Radio-Carbon-Dating?
The critics of this method point out that carbon-dating relies on the same circular logic as star-dating: One already has to have a reliable record of actual ages to base new findings on, and nobody has been around that long. Additionally, it's not difficult to find an article calling the entire field into question for various reasons.
Q: So how old is the Universe?
In all likelihood, the Universe was always there and always will be, much like the concept of 'Time'.
Q: So how old is the Sun?
We can only guess because Suns don't have tree-rings.
Q: How did our Solar System form?
In the beginning, our Sun and the planet Jupiter were alone as a binary system. Then, an L-type brown dwarf known as Saturn and it's 200+ moons arrive. Saturn and Jupiter as well as the larger moons of Saturn then become entangled in a co-linear orbit. This co-linear configuration arrayed the planets in series connected like batteries by their north and south poles. In this period, the moons of Saturn (including Mars, Venus, and Earth) enjoyed a Golden Age while the co-linear planetary configuration showered them with a safe carbohydrate energy known as "Mana" that promoted life to form in abundance. This age and configuration are depicted in the Christian Bible as the "Garden of Eden". A similar or identical story of a golden age can be found in every culture on earth. The mythical Island of Atlantis appeared at the very center of our North Pole, and fixed above it was our God and Creator: The planet Saturn. The Bible is a real story, just heavily redacted.
Q: Humanity was then cast out of the Garden of Eden?
Correct! It's natural, and happens all the time. When Earth was cast out of Saturn's Garden of Eden into cataclysm, Humanity was struck with a death and darkness that lasted decades. Without the co-linear configuration holding Atlantis in place, it vanishes into the Earth. Our ancestors did not understand why Saturn/El would punish them so. They didn't know at the time but it wasn't God's punishment at all. Instead, being cast out of the Garden of Eden was like a bird being pushed out of a nest by it's parent. It's 100% natural. However, there were some humans (Nimrod etc) who suggested they could get past the darkness by building a tower that goes past the cloud layer.
Q: The Tower of Babel was real??
Back then, Earth's gravity was 1/3rd what it is today but gradually increasing, and there were many Giants, so building the tower was easy. The project was successful at first, and allowed the new religious class called 'scientists' to peer through the cloud layer and spot their old God El/Saturn which they called Moloch. They noticed the Black Cube/Hexagon on Moloch's North Pole and thus began to wear Yarmulke with the 6-sided Star of Moloch on their north poles (their heads). As a result of this discovery, the class system was created with those at the top holding secret knowledge, and with those at the bottom slaves to that knowledge. Eventually this project failed, as everyone knows, but it wasn't by God's hand. It was 100% natural. The tower created a circuit connection between the ground and the upper layer of the electromagnetic field of the earth. This connection brought down massive energies along the sides of the tower. All humans within the building or on the staircases were hit with this energy could no longer function, think, talk, or remember anything. The same effect can be achieved in a lab by applying electrodes to a human head. Therefore humans fled the tower in all directions feeling once again smitten by their Creator. Great Job there, Nimrod! This is the first reason the tower failed and the primary reason centralized language became splintered on Earth. The second reason the tower failed is that gravity increased on Earth, and the tower collapsed from within. The secret society cultivated at the top of the Tower of Babel also fled the tower taking their knowledge and culture with them. All Saturn-worshiping secret societies that exist today still attempt to impose upon the rest of the species (us) the class-system rules they created at the top of the Tower of Babel.
Q: How do we know all this?
Every civilization on Earth has made monuments to events that occurred in our shared history. The similarities between these monuments (built by independent civilizations that typically never met each-other) provides the strongest evidence of the actual age and history of the Earth.
However, the age of the Earth cannot be determined in Sun-Years.
Q: Why can't the Earth's age be determined in Sun-Years?
Before 202X years ago, the Sun was not visible to the Earth yet. This is why our Gregorian calendars start on this date. Before this date, it was not possible to have a Sun Calendar.
Q: The Sun was not visible to Earth? Pardon me?
Proponents of the Electric Universe Theory challenge the 'Gravity-Centric' model of the universe. They hold that the true story of Earth's origin is that it started out as a Moon of the planet Saturn at a time when Saturn was not yet part of our Sun's orbit. This is why Solar deities and Sun worship can be found throughout most of recorded history in various forms.
Here is a must-see documentary: Remembering the End of the World (Full Documentary)
Q: So you're saying the Earth's Sun was first seen by humanity around the same time Jesus Christ was born?
Remember I said earlier, the Gregorian (or Julian) calendar was not possible before 202X years ago? The story of Jesus Christ is an Astrological Allegory. Christ is the Sun. The name Jesus did not exist any version of the Bible until the 1611 KJV Bible (500 years ago). Until then, it was Yahusha. This is why 'J' is missing from the Greek Alpha-bet.
Q: Why did the KJV Bible rename Yahusha to Jesus?
This change converted existing colonial projects in the New World into a Religious Crusade that would be joined by church-affiliated mercenaries from England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. This new version of the Bible endowed the colonialists with sense of justification known as Manifest Destiny as they slaughtered or converted all indigenous folk on the continent. Their new subjects were then reeducated and circumcised with the OT Covenant; their old Gods (Sun, Saturn, Jupiter etc) replaced by the One Invisible God.
Q: How can a book do all that?
The KJV Bible rewrite came with new orders: 1. Jesus is the new name of your Lord; a spanish name that colonists in America will be able to pronounce. 2. Jesus will return (soon). Therefore anyone who claimed to be Jesus, fitting all the qualifiers set out in the new text, would have the entire combined colonist population at his command. Evidence for this scheme actually working on people of the Americas can be found throughout the Book of Mormon.
Q: Does the Book of Mormon have any truth in it?
Of course it does! But, much like the KJV Bible, it exists as a redaction of many previous works that were destroyed at the same time as it's creation. Decrypted, the Book of Mormon offers a legitimate account of a people named the Nephites who were first to inhabit the Americas and then 'fell into wickedness' and had to be destroyed by God (i.e. the central church authority).
A popular online conspiracy theory suggests the Nephilim are the offspring of 'fallen angels' which gave rise to life on earth. While the Book of Mormon sets a denigrating tone when referring to the Nephilim, they were just an ordinary race, and not 'fallen' in any way. They were not 'Aliens', and yes, they could build massive megalithic structures much like we can build towers with legos.
The real Nephilim were the Nephites; the Giants of Early America, and they could not be converted by the colonialists, and all had to be killed as the Book of Mormon describes: "Down to the last man, woman, and child". Giants (large scale humans) are confirmed in all versions of the Christian Bible. Numbers 13:33 states "and there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak), and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.”

QA Part 2: A Modern History we can all agree on

Q: Okay, what's the 'true' story of Earth's Origin?
The 'First' Story, is the true Origin Story that humans on earth actually experienced, which is told through artifacts but is otherwise forgotten.
The 'Second' Story is the redacted form of the Origin Story created by those who would control us (and each other).
Therefore, The Third Story is whatever humanity eventually agrees is the actual truth, and we will.
Q: Gotcha, so what part of Earth's History were we taught that isn't all lies?
None of the good stuff! "According to the prevailing dogma, the Nebular Hypothesis, planets and stars accreted from the dust cloud after the Big Bang billions of years ago. In this dubious model it is assumed that these bodies have occupied more-or-less steady and unchanging orbits ever since. Anyone who challenges this ideological assumption is quickly reminded of the 'fact' that the only forces at work are gravity and inertia. Any contrary viewpoint thus requires 'mysterious' forces. But these mysterious forces, as it turns out, are not so mysterious after all." -
Q: None of it? How do we determine the 'True' origin story?
By cross-referencing ancient testimony by every civilization on Earth. Our ancestors weren't liars, and they weren't insane. They simply drew what they saw in the sky.
Q: What about the existence of Dinosaurs?
They existed, and probably still exist somewhere. *BUT* the earth isn't 65 million+ years old any more than it's 4.5 billion. At any rate, 'The Dinosaurs roamed the Earth' narrative was constructed deliberately to erase the real history of 'The Giants', our ancestors. This conspiracy is well-known as The Smithsonian Cover-up. Think about this line: "Giants roamed the Earth"
Q: What about the history of Civil Wars and World Wars?
Easy: All Wars are Banker Wars. The victors (bankers) write the official history. It really is that simple. Read my theory on World War 2 here.
Q: What about the history of Plagues and Mass Famine?
Every genocide was rewritten later as a plague or famine. The most obvious example is The Irish Potato Famine. Humans aren't this bad at eating or staying healthy. Much like COVID-19, each famine/plague was planned in advance as a means to re-assert control over that population.
Q: It sounds like you believe the real history of Earth is incredibly sad and evil.
To me, it's more of an epic battle between forces of Good and Evil. Sadness and Evil are part of life, but they don't win.
Q: Okay, who is this Great Evil that influenced Earth throughout history?
Excellent question! I've been looking for the answer for a long time. I have concluded recently that the source of this evil has to be a break-away human civilization. I've ruled out the British, the Zionists, any Bug-like Aliens, and 'The Devil' as being the culprits. No, they were just the scape-goats. Instead, we're talking about a distant society of human-beings that has needed to continuously leach Earth's resources (and pretty women) over the last few milena. They are happy when we are obedient, but when we get too unruly, another 9/11 happens.
Q: This conclusion still seems quite far-fetched.
Truth may be stranger than fiction. Keep an open mind.
Q: ...and where does your phantom scary break-away human cult live?

QA Part 3: Wait, What?

Q: Huh? Why?
Maritime. Martial Law. Marriage. Marching. All of the bad things we know of are named after the planet Mars. Therefore it's possible that 'all these bad things' are actually systems of controls imposed upon us by humans who live on this planet.
Q: How can humans survive on Mars?
On the inside. All planets are hollow, remember that theory? Not Flat. Hollow.
It's nicer on the inside, however resources are limited. This is why they have to leach off of Earth's resources.
Q: How do they get supplies and people to and from Mars?
CERN. The most mysterious human project ever constructed. Also the place where the Internet was invented in 1989. Coincidence? Nope.
Q: CERN is a Star-Gate to Mars? How would that work?
CERN colliders are essentially locations where an extremely high amount of energy is placed all at once. When this happens, a quantum entanglement is created between the source location, and wherever that energy ends up flowing towards. Therefore, so-called 'quantum tunnels' can be built between locations that have already experienced major inter-planetary electric discharge. The larger the CERN facility, the more stable the tunnel, and the more stuff can be brought through it. Obviously gates between planets are periodic, and depend entirely on the proximity of the planets to each-other. It shouldn't be a surprise that CERN is right now building a facility 6 times larger than the current one. Oh, check out this amazing photo taken above CERN.
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2020.08.01 09:11 LeminaAusa 🌾 Lughnasadh / Lammas 🌾

Welcome to the latest sabbat informational post! Throughout the year, we will be posting up these threads to share general information about the next upcoming sabbat so WvP's witches, new and old, can prepare for the holiday. These posts will contain basic information about the holiday and open up for the floor for further questions or discussion.

🌾 Lughnasadh / Lammas 🌾

What and When are Lughnasadh and Lammas? What's the difference?

Lughnasadh (pronounced LOO-na-sa) also known as Lammas is one of the eight sabbats of the modern pagan Wheel of the Year. It is one of the "greater sabbats", falling approximately halfway between an equinox and a solstice. The others are Samhain (mid-Autumn), Imbolc (mid-Winter), and Beltane (mid-Spring).
In the northern hemisphere, Lughnasadh traditionally falls on August 1st, which was its traditional date in the Celtic tradition which also shares the same name. The English Christian festival of Lammas also falls on the same day. Different pagan traditions generally prefer one name over the other, but either can work for most witches. You can read on down below for a bit more of the history of the names and the differences between them. Additionally, other cultures and spiritual traditions have their own ways of celebrating the burgeoning of spring. No matter what type of witch you are, you have a lot of options to choose from!
Additionally, Witches in the southern hemisphere will be celebrating Imbolc soon! I started making these posts shortly after this year's northern Imbolc, so I don't have a post to link to for that one, but starting with the Autumnal Equinox I'll be able to link the opposing sabbats for our southern witches!

Lughnasadh & Lammas: History, Connections, and Modern Practice

The original Lughnasadh was a Celtic holiday celebrating the god Lugh. Traditionally, it was a time of great harvest festivals, feasts, and athletic contests, such as the Tailteann Games in honour of Lugh's foster mother Tailtiu, a goddess of agriculture. The celebration of Lughnasadh has continued in Ireland into the modern day, even for non-pagans.
In England, this festival was lived on as Lammas, from the Anglo-Saxon term meaning "loaf-mass", and was rebranded as a Christian holiday, but also meant to celebrate the harvest. Wiccans generally also prefer to use this name for the pagan holiday because of its direct connection to grain and the harvest.
Whichever name you prefer, the purpose is the same: to celebrate the beginning of the harvest season.
Most modern Lughnasadh celebrations involve lots of food and feasting, so kitchen witches are at their prime. Bread and corn are the most commonly used supplies, and not just to eat, but for rituals and offerings, and also and decorations, such as corn husk dolls. If you're American, it might help to think of it as something akin to a pagan Thanksgiving. Any and all things growing and edible are celebrated and loved.
Those with more Celtic leanings may also often incorporate more traditional Irish aspects, including sports and athletic contests, and also taking long walks or pilgrimages to various sites.
As a part of the Wheel of the Year, Lughnasadh follows Midsummer; Food is plentiful, bellies are full, the sun is warm. It is a time to thank the gods for the blessings of the year and enjoy the bounty while it lasts. After all, the sun is already noticeably setting earlier and earlier in the day, and darker times are approaching.
If you look at the sabbats as a reflection of the self, Lughnasadh is the time to give thanks for the gifts that we have been given. It may be hard in a time like 2020, but it's important to spend some time appreciating the positive things that we have going on in our lives, and to appreciate the people and powers that have helped us along the way. And don't forget to give your thanks to nature and all of the bounty she provides for us despite all the shit that humans continue to put her through.
Symbols: Grain, Corn, Loaves of Bread, Pentacles, Sickles/Scythes Colours: Green, Yellow/Gold, Orange, Light Browns Plants/Herbs: Corn, Sunflowers, Wheat, Calendula, Mint, Meadowsweet Foods: Corn, Fresh Baked Bread, Summer Fruits, Early Autumn Vegetables... basically everything in season and lots of it!

Simple rituals and ways to celebrate Lughnasadh include:

  • Bake a Lammas Loaf. This is only one example recipe, but any kind of fresh bread will do.
  • Perform some bread magic, such as this Lammas Bread protection spell.
  • Honour the Celtic gods Lugh and Tailiu by playing games, sports, or otherwise performing athletic feats, such as in the Tailteann Games.
  • Make a Corn Husk Doll. Some witches like to save their dolls from Lughnasash and use them again redressed in spring colours for Imbolc.
  • Create a Harvest Spell Jar, substituting your own ingredients and meaning (this is just one example of such a jar).
  • Setup, clean, and/or refresh your altar for Lughnasadh. Tumblr has lots of ideas if you're lacking inspirtation!
  • Decorate with Sunflowers and other seasonal blossoms.
  • Cook some other Lammas-inspired goodies to unleash your inner Kitchen Witch; here are some suggestions. Freshest is bestest!
  • Perform a Lughnasadh seasonal rite/ritual. Here is a good example of a solitary Lughnasadh ritual, for practising witches without a coven. This post also contains some nice seasonal spells, rituals, crafts, and rites.
  • For witches with children, do some fun Lammas craft projects.
  • Celebrate by eating and cooking with seasonal produce.

Tips for New and/or Broom Closet Witches

Lughnasadh can be a difficult sabbat to celebrate for broom closet witches. The UK and Ireland are some of the few countries where Lammas/Lúnasa are still part of modern, secular celebrations. For the most part, the modern Western world doesn't really celebrate Harvest festivals, and when they do, it's geared more towards the later harvest (think of all the corn stalks, hay bales, etc. you see around Halloween).
Baking/Cooking and decorating with corn husks and sunflowers are some of the easiest ways to blend in with the holiday. In general, lots of people have been flocking to baking their own bread during quarantine, so join the club! Refresh your house or living space by adding in some fresh flowers.
Much of the importance of the Wheel of the Year is to really incorporate yourself with nature and the earth's yearly cycles. Take this opportunity to think about this year's growing season and how it's affecting the world around you. Which flowers, vegetables, and fruits are at their ripest in your region this time of year? Are you noticing the shortening sun already? How has the summer and growing season treated you and the animals and plants in your area?
Since this post was so late due to my elbow injury, I'd like to open the floor for everyone to also share their stories, decorations, rituals, etc. for this Lughnasadh/Lammas. Please share! 🌾
If you're in the southern hemisphere, we'd also like to hear about your Imbolc celebrations too, so please don't feel shy or left out! ✨
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2020.07.30 21:19 ghtuy Stats I Compiled Because I Was Bored: USLC Player Nationalities

Guess who's been Ultra-Instinct levels of bored? Me. Guess who skimmed every club's Wikipedia article, cross-referenced with Transfermarkt, and curated a spreadsheet of player nationalities by club? Also me.
Disclaimer: This post is really, really long. If you don't want to appreciate my hours upon hours of research, spread over a week as I slaved away over a hot keyboard, turn back now.
Methodology: Basically I used the Wiki entries for nationality, which uses FIFA international allegiance, or place of birth for those without a call-up. Derived statistics include the total number of players across the 35 clubs, the total number of clubs that employ players of that nationality, and the total number of different nationalities at each club. I did not include players at 2-teams who are under contract with the MLS parent organization. I did, however, include academy signings. (Correct as of 7/24)
  • The club with the most distinct nationalities is El Paso Locomotive, with 15. They also have the fewest American players, at 5. Their roster includes 5 Americans, 3 Englishmen, 2 Mexicans, and 1 each: Canadian, Jamaican, Brazilian, Irish, Scottish, Cameroonian, Colombian, Spaniard, DR-Congolese, Haitian, Dutch, and Belgian.
  • In the reverse, the least-diverse (in terms of nationality) is LA Galaxy Jr. with just 5 nations represented. 20 Americans, 2 Mexicans, and 1 each Ghanaian, Liberian, and Sierra-Leonean.
  • El Paso, Pittsburgh, and Tampa Bay each have 12 nations represented by just 1 player in their squad, more than any other teams. These aren't necessarily the only players of their nation in the league, but speaking of which...
  • No less than 37 nations have just one player across all 35 USLC clubs. That means that ~44%, or almost half the nations represented, have just 1 player. The next 37 nations, which range from 2 to 8 players, represent 154 individuals.
The remainder of the post will highlight these 37 players who are either the only players in the USLC from their respective countries, or the only ones who play for that country, due to FIFA eligibility rules. A player could theoretically be eligible to play for 8 different national teams, if: all 4 grandparents, both parents, and the player were all born in different countries, and the player has held residency for 5 years after turning 18 in yet another country. But anyway...
Afghanistan: David Najem (New Mexico Utd.)
  • Originally from New Jersey, Najem only recently debuted for Afghanistan, so far making 3 appearances. He and his brother Adam are eligible through their father. Both David and Adam played in the USLC last season, but with the latter's move to the Polish league, David is the only Afghan international in the league.
Albania: Vangjel Zguro (FC Tulsa)
  • Hailing from the city of Pogradec, Tulsa's left wing-back (?) started at his hometown club, followed by several short stints at other domestic teams. He first moved abroad in 2019 with USL1's Chattanooga Red Wolves; he has yet to debut for his current side, or his national team.
Andorra: Joan Cervós (Colorado Springs Switchbacks)
  • Though I haven't checked exhaustively, I suspect that Colorado Springs' left-back is the first Andorran player for a professional U.S. team. Even if he's not, he's almost certainly the first Andorran goalscorer in professional American soccer. He received his first international call-up in 2018, becoming first-choice and taking part in 16 of 19 games since then for the small Iberian nation.
Austria: Daniel Fischer (Saint Louis FC)
  • The young left-back came up through the youth system of Austrian side SKN St. Polten, he played college ball for Young Harris in Georgia, spending a summer with Cincinnati Dutch Lions in the PDL. At 23 years of age, he's yet to appear for his current club.
Azerbaijan: Rufat Dadaşov (Phoenix Rising)
  • The only current player from the countries in the Caucusus, Dadaşov spent his entire career around the German lower leagues, before moving to Phoenix before this season. He made an impact immediately, netting a hat trick in their first game of the season and assisting one against OCSC. He's also played 24 matches for his country, netting 5 goals (all against red-and-white flags: Qatar, 2 vs Malta, Northern Ireland, and Bahrain).
Belgium: Chiró N'Toko (El Paso Locomotive)
  • Though born in Kinshasa, Zaire, N'Toko holds Belgian citizenship, the only such individual in the USLC. The 32-year-old moved to El Paso for the 2019 season, and has become club captain. Most of his career has been in the Netherlands, with short stints in his home Belgium, England, and Slovenia.
Bermuda: Zeiko Lewis (Charleston Battery)
  • Though not technically an independent country, Bermuda is a full member of FIFA, and Battery forward Zeiko Lewis is the only of that island currently in the USLC. A USL veteran, Lewis played for the Bermuda Hogges, Real Boston Rams, and Energy Drink Jr. before spending the 2018 season in Iceland, returning to the league with Charleston in 2019. A senior international, he has 26 caps and 9 goals to date, including a hat trick against Dutch possession Sint Maarten.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Robert Kristo (North Carolina)
  • Born in Bosnia but raised in St. Louis, Robert Kristo translated a successful collegiate career into spells in the Italian Serie C and the 3. Bundesliga. Joining the artist formerly known as the RailHawks, he's scored 12 in 30 since the start of 2019. He hasn't been called up to the national team to date.
Bulgaria: Vilyan Bijev (Sacramento Republic)
  • The Bulgarian midfielder, raised in California, has had something of a journeyman career. With youth spells at California Odyssey and Liverpool, he spent time on loan in Germany and Norway. He spent time back in Bulgaria, moving to Portland Timbers Jr., but he's spent more time at Republic than any previous team. Eligible through his residence, he's capped at youth levels for both the United States and Bulgaria, but is yet to make a senior appearance for either.
Burundi: Chancel Ndaye (Las Vegas Lights)
  • Born in Bujumbura, the 21-year-old right-sided defender moved to Las Vegas before the start of the season from the Czech Republic. Despite his age, he debuted for his nation at the Under-20 level at 17, and the senior level aged 19. His caps are in the U-20 AFCON, senior CECAFA Cup, and a friendly against Djibouti.
Cabo Verde: Steevan Dos Santos (Pittsburgh Riverhounds)
  • The Cape Verdean striker joined Pittsburgh ahead of the previous season, where he played nearly every game, scoring 10 and assisting 6 as they won their conference. The 30-year-old had a diverse career before coming stateside. Starting off at hometown club CS Mindelese, he spent a spell in Norway with Ull/Kisa before 2 seasons with Angolan side Progresso. He played briefly for Rochester Rhinos and Ottawa Fury, before becoming a key player at his current club.
Congo: Brunallergene Etou (Charlotte Independence)
  • Though born in Brazzaville, defensive midfielder Etou began his career in France, playing for lower-league sides Drancy, Le Havre Reserves, and Mont d'Or before "going pro" with Ligue 2 side Béziers. He joined Charlotte ahead of this season, and made his debut in their opening win against Sporting Kansas City Jr. Aged 26, he has yet to break into his national team.
Côte d'Ivoire: Jean-Christophe Koffi (Memphis 901)
  • The young midfielder hails from Côte d'Ivoire's capital city, Abidjan. After moving to the U.S. in childhood, he spent time in D.C. United's youth setup, before a collegiate career at University of Virginia. He joined Energy Drink Jr. for last season, starting 26 of his 27 appearances, before joining Memphis ahead of this season. He is not capped internationally at any level, but could potentially play for either his birth nation or the U.S.
Curaçao: Ayrton Statie (Reno 1868)
  • Born in the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire, the left-back plays internationally for Curaçao. I couldn't specifically find information regarding his eligibility; Bonaire is a municipality of the Netherlands, which is a constituent country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands along with Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten. Bonaire has a team, but it isn't a FIFA member. It's confusing. Nonetheless, after playing in the Dutch second division and briefly in Azerbaijan, Reno brought him in for the 2020 season. He has yet to appear for the Nevadan team.
Dominican Republic: Rafael Díaz (Sacramento Republic)
  • Backup goalkeeper for Sacramento Republic, Rafael Díaz has spent his entire career in the lower leagues of American soccer. From the PDL and NPSA, he moved to Energy Drink Jr., playing 21 times in the league across 3 seasons. Since joining Sacramento in 2018, he's played 8 times across all competitions. Uncapped internationally, he's nearly a decade younger than his nation's first two choices, so there's still hope!
French Guiana: Thomas Vancaeyezeele (Pittsburgh Riverhounds)
  • Born in Caen in France, Vancaeyezeele spent his youth career with his hometown club, having short spells at lower-league French and Spanish sides before attending the University of Charleston. He played for the now-defunct Florida Adrenaline, and Mississippi Brilla, before joining Pittsburgh following a trial spell. Internationally, he represents French Guiana, eligible through his grandparents. Though they aren't a FIFA member as a department of France, they participate in CONCACAF competitions, and he's played in the Nations League.
Grenada: Arthur Paterson (Charleston Battery)
  • A Florida native, Paterson played for Wright State in Ohio, he was passed up by NYCFC and landed at Bethlehem Steel, where he played a single match in 2018. At Charleston ever since, he was an important part of their 2019 playoff push at left-back, scoring 4 and assisting 2 in 23 matches across all competitions. Eligible through his father, Paterson has 9 caps for Grenada, with 4 goals in Nations League play. In his last match against Belize, he ran out as captain.
Italy: Daniele Proch (North Carolina)
  • Somehow, Daniele Proch is the only USLC representative from the great footballing nation of Italy. Coming up through academy systems in the north of his home country, he spent time at Serie D side Dro before playing at Catawba and Duke in the U.S. Signing with NCFC ahead of this season, it's his first fully professional contract. The forward debuted in the season opener, coming on as an 87th-minute substitute.
Lesotho: Napo Matsoso (Louisville City)
  • Originally from Maseru, capital of the small southern African enclaved nation, the 26-year-old midfielder attended and played for University of Kentucky in Lexington. Spending a few summers on loan at Derby City Rovers and Reading United, he was a draft pick for New England Revolution, though he never appeared for the senior team. Joining Lou City from Mississippi Brilla in 2018, he's since appeared 29 times in all competitions, scoring 5 in the USLC. For his nation he's played twice, though not since 2017; Lesotho mainly draws from their domestic league and their neighbor, South Africa.
Malawi: Yamikani Chester (Las Vegas Lights)
  • 25-year-old striker Yamikani Chester played for domestic clubs Tigers and Mighty Wanderers, he signed with Czech side Vyskov, immediately taking a loan spell at North Carolina FC for 2019. At the end of that campaign he signed for LV Lights. To date, he's only made one appearance for the Vegas side, an 86th minute sub in a 2-1 loss to San Diego. He has 10 caps for his national side, but he's been limited to qualification tournaments, as Malawi rarely competes outside regional cups.
Mauritius: Ashley Nazira (San Diego Loyal)
  • Starting out at domestic club Boulet Rouge, he led the league in scoring four of his five seasons. He signed with San Diego ahead of their inaugural season, uniquely becoming the first Mauritian professional in American soccer. However, he has yet to appear for Donovan's side, making the squad just once as an unused substitute. He debuted for the island nation in 2015 aged 20, and has appeared in 16 matches with 7 goals since.
Montenegro: Emrah Klimenta (San Diego Loyal)
  • Montenegrin utility defender Emrah Klimenta was born in Yugoslavia, but is eligible for the modern nation as the successor of the former federal state. Having grown up in the United States, he came through the youth systems of Slovakian side Zilina and FC Ingolstadt of Germany. His entire senior career has been in California, except a brief stint at Reno. From the now-defunct NPSL Bay Area Ambassadors, he found success at Sacramento Republic from 2014 to 2017. After a brief spell at LA Galaxy, he moved back to Sac for the rest of 2018, before helping Reno in their playoff push in 2019. After debuting in 2016, he's racked up 7 caps for his nation.
Morocco: Younes Boudadi (Reno 1868)
  • Born in Ypres, Belgium, Boudadi came up through the youth teams of Bruges before moving stateside for the college game. Spending 2 years each at Boston College and Creighton, he spent summers playing with PDL side Boston Bolts, and NPSL team Laredo Heat. Eligible through heritage (I couldn't find a good source), he's represented Morocco at Under-17 and Under-20 youth levels, most prominently in their appearance at the 2013 U-17 World Cup, helping them win their group before exiting in the round of 16.
Niger: Abdoul Kairou Amoustapha (Loudoun United)
  • Aged just 19, the Nigerien forward joined the DC United reserves earlier this year from Niamey club ASN Nigelec. I can barely find any information on this player, but he hasn't made the matchday squad in either of their games this season. He has, however, made appearances for Niger at Under-17, -20, and -23 levels. He was in the squad for their appearance at the 2017 U-17 World Cup in India. He featured as a substitute in a 4-0 group loss to Spain and started a 2-0 loss to Brazil. Advancing on third-place ranking, he was an unused sub in a round of 16 loss to Ghana.
North Macedonia: Xhelil Asani (Pittsburgh Riverhounds)
  • Though just 24 years of age, left-wingback Asani has built a diverse CV of clubs. Brief stints in lower-league Macedonian teams Napredok, Vellazerimi 77, Bylis Barish, and Metalurg Skopje preceded his first move abroad to Maltese top-flight Pembroke Athleta in 2016, and again to Torpedo Bel-AZ Zhodino in Belarus before returning to his home country with Shkendija. As if that weren't enough, he played briefly at Mash'al Mubarak in Uzbekistan, Mladost Doboj Kakanj in Bosnia, and SKA Khabarovsk in the ass-end of Russia before finally joining the Pittsburgh team before this season. He's made the bench 4 times, but has yet to debut. I'm exhausted after writing that.
Palestine: Nazmi Albadawi (North Carolina)
  • Born in Raleigh, he played for North Carolina schools Wake Tech and NC State, spending summers with the RailHawks' U-23 side. He moved up to the senior team in 2014, appearing over 100 times in all competitions before a move to FC Cincinnati ahead of their final USL season. Scoring 11 in 31 from attacking midfield, he stayed with the Ohioans in their MLS expansion, though he was loaned back to NCFC after one MLS appearance. He made his return permanent before this season, and has captained one of his two appearances this season. Eligible for Palestine through his parents, he's played for the west Asian team 9 times, scoring the winner against Pakistan on his debut.
Paraguay: Erik Lopez (Atlanta United Jr.)
  • On loan from his hometown Club Olimpia, the 18-year-old striker joined the Atlanta reserves on loan just earlier this month, and is set for a permanent move in 2021. He has yet to appear for the club, though in 2019 he appeared 16 times for Olimpia, scoring 4 in the league. He's already played for Paraguay at the Under-23 level, featuring in 2 losses during CONMEBOL Olympic qualification.
Philippines: Niko de Vera (Portland Timbers Jr.)
  • Born in Washington state, young left-back Niko de Vera spent time in the Portland Timbers youth setup before playing 60 games over 3 years at University of Akron. Playing with the Timbers' U-23 team in the PDL, after college New York Energy Drink drafted him, and he played for their USL reserve team in 2018. He returned to the Timbers organization ahead of the 2019 season, playing for the 2-team ever since. Eligible through his father, he was called up for World Cup qualification in 2019. However, he has yet to debut, making the bench just once, against China.
Poland: Dariusz Formella (Sacramento Republic)
  • Hailing from Gdynia on Poland's Baltic coast, left-winger Formella made his professional start at his hometown club, Arka Gdynia in the Ekstraklasa, in the 2012/13 season. He was then employed by Polish giants Lech Poznan from 2013-2018, but with several short loan spells back to Arka, Pogon Szczecin, and Rakow Czestochowa, where he earned valuable playing time. The last of these signed him permanently for 2018/19, but he came stateside and joined Sacramento ahead of 2019. He's played 15 times for them so far, including 2 goals against Tacoma the other week. He's progressed through the Polish national youth levels, appearing for the U-16, -17, -18, -19, -20, and -21 teams. He has yet to make his senior debut.
Russia: Valeri Saramutin (Austin Bold)
  • Born in Camden, New Jersey, he's eligible for Russia through his parents. Aged 25, he graduated Dynamo Moscow's youth academy to debut for the senior team, also playing for the reserve team. On Dynamo's books from 2012-2017, he moved to Dynamo St. Petersburg, playing in the Russian second division in 2017/18 before a brief stint with Veles Moscow in the tier below. He's been with the Texan club since their inaugural campaign, playing 30 games in midfield in their playoff push and their Cup run. For Russia, he's appeared at Under-16, -17, -18, and -19 levels.
Rwanda: Abdul Rwatubyaye (Colorado Springs Switchbacks)
  • Sandwiched between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of he Congo, the small nation Rwanda only has one player in the USLC. Abdul Rwatubyaye, aged 23, started out in the youth system of Armee Patriotique Rwandaise, one of several major clubs in the capital, Kigali. He made his professional debut at crosstown club Isonga, before moving back to A.P.R., and eventually to Rayon Sports for a season. An MLS prospect, he joined Sporting KC early in 2018, making 2 appearances for the senior team and 1 for the reserves before moving to Colorado mid-season. Since joining the Switchbacks, he's played 25 games at center-back, scoring 4 along the way. Internationally, he's played 25 times, becoming a regular since his debut in 2015.
Serbia: Ilija Ilić (Indy Eleven)
  • Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in what's now Serbia, Ilić progressed through the youth teams in his hometown, including a brief loan to third-division side FK Sopot. After a collegiate career at Young Harris, with summer spells at PDL side Ocala Stampede, he joined Louisville City in 2015. He quickly became a regular in attack, with 91 appearances in all competitions from 2015-2018, helping them to two consecutive postseason titles. Joining Indiana's capital team ahead of 2019, he hasn't found the same success, playing just 22 times since. He has not yet been capped by Serbia.
St. Kitts and Nevis: Atiba Harris (Oklahoma City Energy)
  • The oldest player on this list, the 35-year-old defender is a veteran of MLS. After brief employment in Spain at the start of his career, he joined Real Salt Lake for the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Staying in MLS, he was an important player for several teams in one or two-year spells. After a second spell with FC Dallas, playing 84 league games between 2015-2017, he spent the first half of 2018 at Mexican third-tier side Murcielagos, before joining OKC midway through the season. He's become a key player ever since, becoming club captain in 2019 and appearing in nearly every game for them since. He also captains his national team, appearing dozens (I keep seeing conflicting figures, but at least 41) times since 2003. Notably, he scored a hat-trick in the nation's joint-best-ever result, 10-0 over Saint Martin in the Nations League.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Kyle Edwards (Rio Grande Valley Toros)
  • At just 23 years old, the right-sided midfielder has already had a diverse playing career. Starting out at domestic club System 3 aged 16, he moved abroad to Antigua & Barbudan club Grenades from 2015-2017. Concurrent with his college career at Ranger College and UT-RGV in Texas, he played for PDL teams Houston Dutch Lions and Brazos Valley, before signing with RGV Toros ahead of the 2020 season. He's had just 3 of their 5 games this season, but he is a senior international, debuting in 2014, aged 17. He's earned 15 caps, mostly in friendlies, and has yet to score for his nation.
Tanzania: Ally Hamis Ng'anzi (Loudoun Utd.)
  • Born in Mwanza and raised in Dar es Salaam, the 19-year-old midfielder signed for DC United's reserves ahead of the current season. He began his career at domestic club Singida United, he signed for Czech third-tier Vyskov in 2018. His first move to American soccer was a loan spell at Minnesota United, who in turn loaned him to USL1's Forward Madison for 2019, where he played a handful of matches. He has yet to play for his current club. He's represented his nation at Under-17 and U-20 levels. He's also trained with the U-23 team, though hasn't appeared at that level yet.
Togo: Shalom Dutey (Charlotte Independence)
  • The young left-back is in his first professional contract, after playing college ball with nearby Liberty University. Born to Togolese parents and raised in Charlotte, he spent a spell with USL2 side Charlotte Eagles in the 2019 season. At just 22 years of age, I haven't found much information about him. While he hasn't yet played for his USL team, he's earned several honors in his youth career, including high school All-American, and USL2 Southern Conference Team of the Season.
Turks and Caicos Islands: Billy Forbes (Austin Bold)
  • The 29-year-old Turks and Caicos Islander has spent his entire career in the American lower leagues. Coming through Western Texas College and Lubbock Christian University, he played for PDL Mississippi Brilla for a summer after graduation, before moving to now-defunct WV King's Warriors in West Virginia, also of the PDL. He moved to NASL team San Antonio Scorpions for 2014 and 2015, their last two seasons of existence, before moving to Rayo OKC in 2016. He first came to the USL with San Antonio FC in 2017 and 2019, with a season at Phoenix in between. He signed for Austin ahead of this season, making two substitute appearances so far. He debuted for his nation in 2008, appearing 13 times, 8 as captain.
Phew. I started writing this post a week ago today, and a couple players have joined USL clubs since then, but none with unique nationalities. If there's anything to be learned here, it's that A) a lot of these players are defenders, and specifically left-backs for some reason, and B) I should have broken this up into smaller, more manageable pieces. For my next project I'm doing an overview of football in EU overseas territories. Because why not.
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2020.07.30 00:21 HonestMission An LGBTQ culture and media starter pack (not a question; LONG list of recommendations)

Hi! I've recently noticed that there has been several posts from gaybros who seem to feel really disconnected from and disengaged with the LGBTQ community. That's understandable, especially when these uncertain times mean that most people aren't in a good frame of mind or at their best.
Seeing that we're all socially distancing, and perhaps still under some form of lockdown, I thought that it would be a good idea to post a (warning: LONG) reading/watching/listening list, given that some of us have plenty of spare time on our hands. I hope that you enjoy discovering something new!
I love many items, and care a lot less for others, but I've tried to approach this objectively. Some music suggestions, btw, aren't by LGBTQ artists, but all of them have appealed varyingly to our community. I've also omitted the really obvious stuff, such as Brokeback Mountain, Madonna and Will & Grace etc.
Feel free to contribute and add your own favourites! A special thanks goes to my good friend, u/Manor4548, for getting the ball rolling with his excellent suggestions. Also, if our excellent mods feel that this post in inappropriate, I'm more than happy to remove it. Please take care and stay safe!
Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin (1956) - intelligent and thoughtful novel from a black gay writer, whose seminal work is currently more important than ever
Quatrefoil: A Modern Novel by James BarJames Fugaté (1950) - ground-breaking romance novel about two men who ultimately reach of point of self-confidence and acceptance
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel (2006) - lesbian-themed graphic memoir
Senses series by Andrew Grey (2012-2016) - frothy and sentimental yet endearing and engaging romance novels about disabled gay men
Outskirts: Living Life On The Edge by John Grindrod (2017) - part history of the green belt and part memoir of growing up in the British countryside as a gay youngster
Maurice by EM Forster (1971) - posthumously published novel, from the author of Howard's End, which was originally written between 1913 and 1914
The Swimming Pool Library (1988), The Spell (1998) and The Line Of Beauty (2004) by Alan Hollingworth - accomplished and boundary-pushing novelist who explores British gay socio-culture
Tigers & Devils series by Sean Kennedy (2009-2019) - idealistic yet thoroughly likeable romance novels about a charmingly misanthropic movie festival director and a kind yet closeted Australian footballer
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway (1926) - accidentally queer novel that concerns toxic masculinity; this Literary Hub article provides an excellent introduction to the unintentional queerness of Hemingway's work
Trans: A Memoir by Juliet Jacques (2015) - a British memoir about gender transition, with some thoughtful reflections on trans politics
Insignificant Others by Stephen McCauley (2010) - fun and smart "slice of life" novel about a 50-something gay man
Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston (2019) - playful teen romcom about a bisexual First Son who develops feelings for an English prince
The Last Romeo by Justin Myers (2018) - 30-something Bridget Jones-esque comedy of errors romance about a gay British web journalist who starts a dating blog
The Charioteer by Mary Renault (1953) - cerebral, moving and ultimately positive historical novel, set in a military hospital during World War II, which has prominent themes of repression and self-discovery
A Natural by Ross Raisin (2017) - subtle British novel about a closeted and introverted soccer player
Coming Out To Play by Robbie Rogers with Eric Marcus (2014) - if you love soccer and prefer non-fiction, however, then you might like this memoir from the first openly gay MLS player
Naked by David Sedaris (1997) - a collection of 40-something autobiographical essays from a gay humourist
Real Life by Brandon Taylor (2020) - gay-themed campus novel where a black doctoral student comes of age in a midwestern town
Out Of The Woods by Luke Turner (2019) - frank, intimate and sexually explicit British memoir that deals with bisexuality, religion, sexual abuse, outdoor sex, internalised homophobia and binary labels
Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu (2013-2020) - hilarious webcomic about an adorkable gay figure skater, who loves baking and joins his college's ice hockey team-cum-fraternity
Upside Down by NR Walker (2019) - Australian comedy romance involving two homoromantic asexuals
The Less Than Epic Adventures Of TJ & Amal by EK Weaver (2009-2014) - webcomic where a gay slacker comes out and goes on a road trip
Movies & TV
Banana Fish (2018) - anime TV series, based on a magna from the '80s, with a gay male co-protagonist
Beautiful Thing (1996) - idealistic yet 100% charming and pandemic-friendly coming out teen romance, which oozes summery cinematography in one of London's brutalist council estates; Jonathan Harvey later wrote the BBC sitcoms Gimme Gimme Gimme (1999-2001) and Beautiful People (2008-2009)
BPM (2017) - charismatic and moving French drama about HIV-AIDS activism in the early '90s
Bob & Rose (2001) - acclaimed yet short-lived British comedy-drama series, from the creator of Queer As Folk, about an openly gay male school teacher who starts a relationship with a woman
Boy Meets Girl (2015-2016) - realistic enough yet very slight BBC sitcom about a 26-year-old man who falls in love with a 40-year-old trans woman
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (2000) - likeable, peppy, relatable, upbeat and generally unproblematic "slice of life" movie, about a gay friendship group, from the director of the problematic and overrated Love, Simon; co-stars John Mahoney, Dean Cain and a young Zach Braff
Dead Poets Society (1989) and School Ties (1992) - deeply homoerotic prep school movies
Edge Of Seventeen (1998) - arguably the most realistic coming out movie ever made, although the emphasis is firmly on the "coming of age" side of things
End Of The Century (2019) - 30-something Argentine holiday romance, which is heavily inspired by Before Sunrise and set in Barcelona
Happy Endings (2011-2013) - underrated 20-something American sitcom, with a loveable co-protagonist that's undoubtedly a beacub
Gaycation (2016-2017) - global travel documentary series, co-presented by Ellen Page, which has an LGBTQ slant
Grandma's House (2010-2012) - naturalistic BBC sitcom about a gay son and his Jewish family
Jeffrey (1995) - subversive AIDS-themed romantic comedy which, despite an outstanding supporting performance from Patrick Stewart that really should have garnered an Oscar nomination, is flawed and an acquired taste
Latter Days (2003) and The Falls (2012) - ultra low-budget romantic dramas about gay Mormons, but ultimately more pandemic-friendly than the conversion therapy drama Boy Erased (2018)
Longtime Companion (1989) and The Normal Heart (2014) - emotional and touching dramas about the HIV-AIDS crisis in NYC; Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons' performances in the latter merit special praise
Love Is Strange (2014) - 60-something romantic drama about discrimination and family, starring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina
Love, Valour, Compassion (1997) - melodramatic comedy-drama about a 40-something gay friendship group, although this one is a bitchier and snarkier watch than The Broken Hearts Club; features a star turn from Jason Alexander as a dying HIV-AIDS patient
Maurice (1987) - excellent period drama adaptation of EM Forster's novel; co-stars a young Hugh Grant
A Moment In The Reeds (2017) - romantic drama where a Finnish man bonds with a Syrian asylum seeker at a lakehouse
My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) - pioneering British comedy-drama that critiques racism and Thatcherism, among other things, with a prominent gay subplot; co-stars a young Daniel Day-Lewis
My Own Private Idaho (1991) - surreal road trip drama, partially based on Shakespeare's Henry IV and Henry V, about street hustlers; directed by Gus Van Sant, and starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix
Mysterious Skin (2004) - dark, difficult and uncompromising independent drama about the effect of historic sexual abuse on a gay teenage hustler; stars a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt
1985 (2018) - excellent monochrome drama about a closeted and dying man with HIV-AIDS, who is trying to come out to his conservative and suburban family at Christmas
Ocean Waves (1993) - underrated and accidentally queer TV movie from Studio Ghibli; if you don't mind spoilers, then this YouTube video comprehensively explains why Ocean Waves is accidentally queer
Open To Question: Justin Fashanu (1992) - Justin Fashanu, the first openly gay professional soccer player and first black player to command a £1m transfer fee, is interviewed on a Q&A programme for young people; it has been archived online by the BBC as an important historical document
Outland (2012) and Please Like Me (2013-2016) - two Australian comedy series; the former is about five members of an LGBTQ sci-fi club and the latter is about a newly out millennial slacker (which co-stars Pippa from Home & Away!)
Pain & Glory (2019) - Pedro Almodóvar's most recent and arguably most accomplished movie
Paris Is Burning (1990) - important long-form BIPOC/BAME documentary about NYC ballroom culture
Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert (1994) - inspired road trip comedy about three Australian drag queens
Queer Britain (2017) - excellent BBC youth documentary series about LGBTQ issues in Britain, with episodes dedicated to religion, body image, homelessness, racism, porn, and queer identity
Self-Portrait in 23 Rounds: A Chapter In David Wojnarowicz's Life, 1989-1991 (2018) and Keith Haring: Street Art Boy (2020) - long-form documentaries about two iconic gay artists, who died from HIV
Shelter (2007) - cute yet slight low-budget drama about gay self-discovery in the American suburbs
Sum Of Us (1994) - thoroughly affable Australian comedy-drama about a gay son and his accepting father; co-stars a young and pre-fame Russell Crowe
Tales Of The City series (1993, 1998, 2001, 2019) - TV adaptation of seminal gay novel and its sequels
A Taste of Honey (1961) - monochrome kitchen sink dramedy, with a gay male supporting character, which is set in Manchester
Tofu (2015) - short-form web documentary series, from the creator of Queer As Folk, which explores modern attitudes towards sex, with a heavy emphasis on the LGBTQ side of it
Trick (1999) - please take this idealistic overnight romance with a pinch of salt - even if it realistically tackles internalised homophobia in a way that Love, Simon never managed to do - but this superb dramedy is still one of the best and most pandemic-friendly gay movies
The Outs (2012-2013, 2016) - largely realistic and utterly charming web drama about gay adulting in NYC, with a peerless soundtrack; I low-key stan the loveable Jack and Scruffy
Verbotene Liebe (2007-2013) - surprisingly good supercouple plot from a German soap opera, involving a bisexual amateur boxer turned horse trainer, Christian, and his boyfriend/husband, Oliver
The Way He Looks (2014) - cute Brazilian teen romance about blindness and self-discovery
The Wedding Banquet (1993) - Oscar-nominated romantic comedy from China, directed by Ang Lee
Weekend (2011) - minimalist and naturalistic weekend romance, set in the outskirts of Nottingham
Wild Reeds (1994) - Cannes-nominated sexual awakening teen drama, set in early '60s France
Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos (1992) - a very strong introduction to eccentric yet loveable piano-led college pop-rock
Northern Star by Melanie C (1999) - British equivalent of Madonna's seminal Ray Of Light (1998)
Blue Bell Knoll (1988) and Heaven Or Las Vegas (1990) by Cocteau Twins - pioneering ambient dream-pop, which are perhaps the ideal albums for jerk-off sessions and physical intimacy
Doppelgänger by Curve (1992) - a gothic, melodramatic and moody fusion of shoegaze and industrial electronica; fans of Garbage will LOVE this album
No Angel by Dido (1999) - another album that's ideal for masturbation and sex
Disgraceful by Dubstar (1995) - slightly out of time, albeit still excellent, synth-pop from the mid '90s
Chorus by Erasure (1991) - analogue-based synth-pop; will interest those into video game soundtracks, given that it practically sounds like music from Amiga titles at various points
Amplified Heart by Everything But The Girl (1994) - eloquent fusion of acoustic folk-pop and electronica; Tracey Thorn's Record (2018) further consolidated her appeal to the LGBTQ community
Sue (1989) and Ray (1991) by Frazier Chorus - arty and gentle woodwind-based synth-pop that also has the bitchiest and most subversive lyrics imaginable
Chemistry by Girls Aloud (2005) and Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen (2015) - bubblegum pop artists that throw curveballs by unexpectedly moving into indie-baiting dance-pop territory
Black Cherry by Goldfrapp (2003), State Of Mind by Holly Valance (2003), Come & Get It by Rachel Stevens (2005) and Trip The Light Fantastic by Sophie Ellis-Bextor (2007) - highly regarded electropop albums from the mid-2000s
Françoise Hardy Sings In English by Françoise Hardy (1966), Infamous Angel by Iris DeMent (1992), Whatever by Aimee Mann (1993) and Out Of Range by Ani DiFranco (1994) - refined and superior singer-songwriter material
Paradise AKA Big Fun by Inner City (1989), Adeva by Adeva (1989), And Still I Rise by Alison Limerick (1992) and Everybody's Free by Rozalla (1992) - underrated diva house albums from the late '80s and early '90s
Bonito Generation by Kero Kero Bonito (2016) - day-glo dance-pop that's heavily influenced by The B-52s, J-pop, video game soundtracks, dancehall culture and mid-'90s Eurodance
The Death Of Cool by Kitchens Of Distinction (1992), Copper Blue by Sugar (1992), The Sound Of McAlmont & Butler by McAlmont & Butler (1995), D-D-Don't Stop The Beat by Junior Senior (2002), The Smell Of Our Own by The Hidden Cameras (2003), i by The Magnetic Fields (2004) and Silent Alarm by Bloc Party (2005) - indie bands that are fronted/co-fronted by openly gay men
Thinking It Over by Liberty X (2002) - surprisingly good R&B-led pop from talent show runner-ups
Crooked Mile by Microdisney (1987) - includes Rack, one of the most articulate songs ever written about AIDS; the same applies to It Couldn't Happen Here from Actually by Pet Shop Boys (1987)
Light Years by Kylie Minogue (2000) - perhaps the most cohesive introduction to the Australian queen
Loveless by My Bloody Valentine (1991) - Mysterious Skin undoubtedly proves that shoegaze has LGBTQ appeal, although this is challenging stuff and not for the faint-hearted
Passive Soul by Orlando (1997) - fragile and wallflowery pop that puts a heavy slant on the eclectic
Behaviour by Pet Shop Boys (1990), Echoes by Will Young (2011) and Choreography by Bright Light Bright Light (2016) - gay introspection from 30-something Brits
Very by Pet Shop Boys (1993) and The Tension & The Spark by Darren Hayes (2004) - 30-something coming out albums
Different Class by Pulp (1995) and Coming Up by Suede (1996) - camp and glamorous yet laddy and seedy Britpop, which is largely preoccupied with drugs and sex
A Secret Wish by Propaganda (1985) - gothic and literate synth-pop from Düsseldorf
Body Talk by Robyn (2010) - boundary-pushing dance-pop from the Swedish queen
Original Soundtrack by S-Express (1989) - one of the first UK house music albums to have originated from LGBTQ nightclubs
Foxbase Alpha (1991), So Tough (1993) and Tales From Turnpike House (2005) by Saint Etienne - summery indie-dance cultural love letters to London; Pedro Almodóvar is a big fan of them
Hormonally Yours by Shakespeares Sister (1992) - gothic, melodramatic, sassy and vampy glam pop-rock
We Are Shampoo by Shampoo (1994) and On The Loose by Deuce (1995) - unashamedly trashy bubblegum pop; the latter band was created by former Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret by Soft Cell (1981) and Youthquake by Dead Or Alive (1985) - camp and melodramatic synth-pop from northern England
Illinois (2005) and Carrie & Lowell (2015) by Sufjan Stevens - if you've seen the movie Call Me By Your Name (2017), then you'll know who this guy is
La Varieté by Weekend (1982), Life by The Cardigans (1995), The Sound Of Music by Pizzicato Five (1995) and Good Humor by Saint Etienne (1998) - fey, kitschy and peppy lounge indie-pop
Titanic Rising by Weyes Blood (2019), Saint Cloud by Waxahatchee (2020) and Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers (2020) - minimalist indie for hipsters
Sam Cushing - likeably grounded and motivated guy who plays the piano and loves his workouts
Riyadh Khalaf - the Iranian-Irish vlogger presenter of Queer Britain
Husband & Husband - nerdy married couple who write comic books and fantasy novels
LanceTheDriver - adorable mature student who loves cars and constantly strives to do good
Eric Mason - endearing and insightful lyrical breakdowns of songs by pop divas
Jacob Michael - cerebral and eloquent musings on the state of modern gay life
PK Creedon - good natured sporty couple who authentically fuse their femininity and masculinity
PJ & Thomas - lovely suburban couple who work in real estate and have adopted a trio of toddlers
Michael Rizzi and Dominick Whelton - sweet city boys who love their fashion and pop culture
Noah Roth and Christian Cook - wholesome college-aged couple who love painting and the outdoors
Stepsof2Foreigners - articulate and refined American-Brazilian couple who are into their travel
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